10 Random Questions

These are 10 Random Questions that I have for my blog readers. I would love to hear your answers!

1. What on EARTH can I do to get you to leave comments. I need them for my self esteem to not plummet to the ground daily. Notice the lack of my traditional three letter laugh code. Just say'n.

2. When you participate in memes are you good about going through the list of all the other people who participate? Just curious.

3. Did you like my orange cardboard layout that I posted the other day?

4. What are you doing this weekend?

5. Do you have kids? Are you married? Are you single, old, young? Who are you, exactly?

6. What craft supply are you totally lusting after lately? I think I really need a cuttlebug. I've waited too long. I want one. I just wish they were cheaper.

7. Are you as totally into turquoise as I have been lately? It's a little crazy, actually!

8. Speaking of crazy...I have actually been thinking about tatoos a lot lately. Do you have one? What is it and where? I won't get one. I doubt I will, anyway. It's just weird because that is SO not something I ever would have thought about. Weird. (Mom, calm....I'm not getting one.) If you don't have one have you ever thought about it and what did you think about getting?

9. Don't you hate it when bloggers make you answer a bunch of totally insanely random questions?

10. Should I paint my giant bulletin board in my studio to the nice caramel color that I have sitting here for that purpose this weekend? I'm not sure the best way to do it, but I really want it done. Everything is already off of it so right now it is a giant un-inspriring mass of grey.

I really hope you guys answer these! LOL! They came out way fun! LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Welcome to my mind, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my mind.

.......why are you running away screaming?


  1. 1. I usually only comment on posts that I've got something to contribute to. Unless it's an absurdly cute embedded YouTube clip.

    2. I have no interest in reading meme answers by people I don't know. Maybe after I've rinsed the nappies, fed the baby and done a few hours' sewing. So no, I'm not 'good' about it.

    3. Haven't seen it, but I only 'followed' you yesterday.

    4. Just heard my friend's baby shower in the next city has been cancelled, which means I can spend two days preparing for next weekend's market stall instead of spending one day making her shower present and the next giving said present.

    5. I have one small child and a husband. I am young, if you consider 30 to be the new 20.

    6. I am in love with Easyfix, which is a copy of Vliesofix. I couldn't make my W Class Cushions without it!

    7. Not specifically, but I do like turquoise more than I used to.

    8. I have one on my shoulder blade, which is my initial entwined with a flower and a heart (I was born on Feb 14). I have a cluster of stars on my hip.

    9. Eh.

    10. As long as the paint isn't going to flake off onto things. Good luck with that!

  2. 1. sorry i'm just bad at leaving comments, but i try! lol
    2. i don't know what memes are sorry...i'm not very blog-smart (:
    3. i love love love the orange layout!
    4. not sure yet-- kids are potentially getting sick so no plans have been made
    5. yes yes-- not yet 30 but gettin close
    6. i don't have a diecut machine either but i don't really want one...not sure why! i love flowers-- all kinds!
    7. yes i love turquoise too!!
    8. don't have any, don't really want any either i'm too big a wuss
    9. yes, but for you i'll answer anyways-- lol
    10. go caramel!


  3. 1. When you figure that out, clue me in.

    2. What's a meme?

    3. Yes

    4. IDK

    5. yes, 2, one of each kind ;)

    6. that basket punch thingy

    7. sometimes

    8. no

    9. no

    10. definitely ;)

  4. 1.I try my best when I can...sometimes I'm just bot chatty??? Sorry , i will try better!
    2. Pardon my Duh moment...whats a meme?
    3. Very Orange..I liked the textures. Very....Ummm..Real feelings and such!

    4. Planting flowers in the church flowerbox for Scouts

    5. I have 2 boys, Im not married, was once..not so great...I'd like to get there again ...someday, but no rush..I'm Me!

    6. Stampress from Fiskars

    7. No Ive done the turqoiuse phase, I'm more orange these days

    8. Yes, I have been thinking of them ALOT lately, so much that I drove into Stafford Springs CT and looked at the Tat shop there today...HUH! I dont currently have any, but desperately want one..still have not decided yet.

    9. Absolutely....

    10. If you have the paint, and everything is off it...what the heck are you waiting for ;) Get busy girl! What do ya think the dogs are gonna do it for ya! ;)

  5. 1. Humm for me it's luck of the draw sometimes I write something really stupid and everyone loves it. And other times I write something very personal and no one chimes in.

    2. I'm assuming a meme is one of those writing prompt things? I try to read 3. That makes it more manageable.

    3. I didn't see the orange layout :(

    4. I'm not sure what i'm up to this weekend. I want to go out at least once. The Stanley Cup playoffs are on so I'll be glued to the tv :)

    5. I am 25, not married, no kids. I do have a very weird long term non-relationship with Mr.H. If you read my blog you can find out more LOL

    6. I love Yarn!!! I love to knit. If I could get my hands on a pottery wheel and kiln life would be pretty sweet.

    7. I have a turquoise dress I like does that count?

    8. I dont have any tattoos. I drew one up 5 years ago and I still look at it everyday but won't commit to getting it. It's a pink lotus flower on a lily pad with Om above it. I dont know where I would put it...

    9. I love questions, I'll take more if you have em!

    10. Go ahead paint that bulletin board. Maybe with a paint roller?!

  6. 1. Make computers unable to break down and stop working ever again. And after you've done that, you have to yell at me every now and then.. I get wrapped up in stuff and then realize it's been 2 weeks and I haven't spoken to anyone outside of my house :D

    2. Uh.. I have no idea what a meme is... so, my answer is gonna be no on this one.

    3. I love all of your layouts. Even if I don't comment, I look at every one of your posts.

    4. Going to Memphis on Saturday, gonna nom some really good sushi :)

    5. Nope, yip, nope, yip, wish I was, I am Harley, queen of the neighborhood dogs (they run with me when I run..)

    6. Fabric.. oh my gosh, scrapping has gone by the wayside because I have to amass a huge stash of fabric. I can't get enough.. it's another sickness. I was a paper whore, now I'm a fabric whore.

    7. LOVE turquoise. I painted my kitchen turquoise to go with all my FiestaWare dishes.

    8. I don't have one, because I am SO indecisive and picky, that I would get one, and the next week be like, "Eh, I should have gotten something else." If I could find something totally unique that I would want on me until I am wrinkly and saggy, then maybe, but I don't see it happening. So I do henna tattoos. Oh so pretty, and oh so temporary :)

    9. Nope, because insane and random are two of my favorite things :D

    10. If it's un-inspiring, then paint it.. you can always re-do it if you don't like it.

  7. 1. Jingle, I suffer from the same disease as you....Google Reader! It makes us lazy in commenting! Trust me, I know how you feel! I will try harder to leave you more comments! And when I don't, rest assured, I am reading!

    2. Uhhhh, what's a meme?

    3. I loved the orange cardboard layout, and your gyno post, lol! I have a hard time looking at your AMR avatar, in your cute mini and your pumps without laughing, lol!!

    4. I am going to the Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade. It is a tradition! I am hoping to get a little scrappin in at some point this weekend.

    5. Married, can't have kids, 2 kitties!

    6. I am dying to get the new BG Lemonade line, and of course the new October Afternoon-Cherry Hill especially.

    7. Turquoise, not so much.

    8. Don't have one, don't want one, never considered it. I think you should consider a cupcake one, lol!

    9. I don't hate it at all! I think it is a great idea. Thinking of stealing the idea, lol!

    10. I say go for it. You already have the paint, it is already cleared out, and you need some color right? You will have to share it when you are done.

  8. 1. I comment when I have time and/or something to say. Hopefully you can tell which is which!

    2. Sometimes. Not always. Again, depends on time and inclination.

    3. The message was good but it's not my favorite layout of yours. I do like the cardboard and bricks and ric rac. I think it's the text and maybe the buttons that don't grab me.

    4. Taking Roo to her best friend's 5th birthday party.

    5. Yes. Yes. Married-older than I feel- you've seen my blog, I think you know who I am!

    6. Not really a supply but have you seen those cabinets with all the built-in crafty goodness? pull-out work surfaces and such? And then you just stuff everything in and close the doors and nobody knows what a slob you are... that's what I need.

    7. I like turquoise, yes.

    8. Two. A sailor flash swallow on my back and a simple pattern around my wrist.

    9. Sometimes. But I like reading peoples' answers!

    10. Yes! And then come over and make my space pretty, too.

  9. haha...love these....and to answer a couple...married with a kid...love turqouise...and lusting after modge podge....Thanks so much for coming over on my feature day yesterday...I'm so happy you did...

  10. Hi - I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and that I gave you the "One Lovely Blog Award". Follow this link for more details:


    Have a nice weekend,

  11. 1. New blog reader. I leave comments every blog I come across, unless it's really not respondable!

    2. Yes, I am.

    3. It was ok.

    4. I plan on going through all of my daughter's clothes from 0 months to now. (She is 2.)

    5. 2 year old daughter, Aubrey. Married 6 1/2 years. I am 24, I consider myself old.

    6. I want a magnetic mat! I have a cricut.

    7. Turquoise is a good color. I'm a pink kinda girl! But I have been obsessed over lime green latley. Photos to come soon on my blog of my living room.

    8. I have a playboy bunny on my lower back and a red, white & blue butterfly on my front hip area.

    9. These questions are fun!

    10. Go for it, do what makes you happy!

    Visit The Original Scrapbox and take a look at their products!

  12. 1 - I wonder the same thing about the lack of comments on my blog! Then again, mine is sorta new. I try to comment when I can add to the convo.

    2 - What's a meme?

    3 - Orange! I missed orange!?!!

    4 - This weekend Tonight I'm cleaning house. My Hubby's Mother-in-law is arriving tomorrow - yeah, go back and read that again ;)

    Saturday we will whisk MiL off to the Bull City Chili Challenge up the road in Durham, NC. My cousin is the co-ordinator of the event. Other cousins will be there AND my Son's band -100 Yorktown - is the headliner for the event. Well, in addition to the chili and salsa competitions.

    Sunday - We'll drag ourselves outta bed, say goodbye to MiL and then collapse. MiL will call later in the day to critique everything about my life. Our home, our yard, my clothes, hair and weight. That'll be fun.

    5 - I birthed 2 - Jordan is 24, Kat is 21, Hubby has 2 - Will is 27, Megan is 25. I'll be 50 this September. I am, have always been and will always be ME!!!

    6 - I want more Vintage sewing machines!!! I don't need one but I lust for them. And a lid for my Singer Slant-o-matic 500a!

    7 - I have always loved the mid-century turquoise. You should see our guest bedroom! I'll probably do a post on it some Vintage Thingies Thursday!

    8 - Our kids are tatooed. I want one but haven't done it yet! Same with Hubby.

    9 - I love questions cause I love to talk (or as in this case, type.)

    10 - Yes, paint it, get it done and then be off to other adventures!

    Shameless plug - check out Jordan's band, at 100yorktown [dot]net

    He's the lead singer! I'm very proud. Let me know whatcha think!

  13. 1. IDK, if I left a comment on every blog I read, I wouldn't have time to wipe my butt, so I have to be wise with my time, it's nothing personal. I make time to follow and read, that is a compliment.

    2. I don't participate in too many memes and I'm probably not too good at reading everyone elses answers.

    3. I missed the orange cardboard layout, but I like orange so I'd probably like it.

    4. Working, UGH

    5. Three girls, 13, 10 & 7. Married. 35 yo.

    6. I want a cuttlebug too, but also wish they were cheaper.

    7. No, sorry, not with you on the turquoise.

    8. I'm actually working on a tattoo post in my head. Check my blog later tonight for it.

    9. No, if I didn't want to do it, I just wouldn't.

    10. You should paint your bulletin board. Use Google to find the best way to do it, and then do it.

  14. 1. i don't think you can do anything, I just need to link your blog to mine so i check it more often. i don't like posting comments after the day has passed...it's me, not you!

    2. not sure what a meme is....but sure, i'd probably go through the others that post.

    3. yes, like the layout, the topic is thought-provoking and the distressing is a very, very nice touch.

    4. tonight dinner with DH, tomorrow an all day crop, sunday who knows! probably my normal sunday nap!

    5. No kids, yes married, i am 28, and I am the J in DJP on my blog. I'm spontaneous, always late but working on that, give 150% in all I do, and just love creating. Oh yea, I carry cuffs and arrest people too.

    6. i really really want a cricut (btw, i love my cuttle and that is one reason i haven't caved into the cricut craze!) lyricle letters cart might just change that for me....

    7. torqouise is just lovely, in fact, i have two shirts this color and I always want to wear them.

    8. crazy is I have been thinking of tatoos too! none right now, kinda want one and I too doubt I will get one. I think I would like some sort of handwriting (my moms or DH) but don't want to commit to one thing!

    9. Nope, it is helping my slooooow friday go a lot faster! so, thanks!

    10. go. for. it. I think you will enjoy the change and it will help you create that not-so-somber lo you talked about on amr!

  15. Ha ha..."Who are you?" I'm a newlywed and dog-mom to my beautiful little chihuahua. I don't really know much about the cuttlebug but I do have a cricut. I enjoy it but I only have one cartridge (because they are so freaking expensive!) so I am really limited. I do infact share your love of turquoise but yellow is my favorite.

  16. 1. If you do google analytics, you will see how many people visit your blog. It's interesting. But yes, comments are better.

    2. I sometimes go through meme lists that I have participated in, but not always. I do, however, visit those who visited my participating post (that's fair, right?).

    3. I love the layout, and it's awesome that you used photos of those bricks and what you said about them and our country.

    4. This very moment, I have sent hubs out for potato chips to go in my ice cream and am shoveling leftover spagetti into my mouth at rocket speed. Getting ready to watch Mama Mia... I love it.

    5. I have one child, he is 3 and the love of my life (don't tell hubs). The other day, I called my husband "hubbums" like you do, only I was talking to my son and he laughed so hard he couldn't breath. Thanks for that wonderful moment, btw. Oh, and I'm 30 and have been married for almost 11 years.

    6. I don't have a sewing machine, but if I did, I might sew. I've done a few things by hand (Monsoon's halloween costume) but it's more for fun. I'm not totally crafty.

    7. Turqois... I love it in jewelry.

    8. I have a tatoo. It's a blue daisy on my right shoulder that I got at the end of my senior year in high school. It was a group endeavor, with 2 of my closest friends. I don't regret the experience, and I'm glad I got it where I won't sag, but I'd probably go with something a tad more timeless if I had it to do over again.

    9. Who doesn't love to talk about themselves?

    10. Yes! Paint it. Gray is blah. Be inspired!

  17. 1. if you pay me, i will create a bunch of different accounts + comment multiple times per day :)

    2. no

    3. i didn't see it the other day, but looking back over the post, yes.

    4. absolutely nothing.

    5. yes + yes. 4 kids + 1 husband. i am me :)

    6. none really, though i do want to get a sewing machine. and new lenses. do those count?

    7. not really.

    8. i do have a tatoo. not sure why i got it, but i don't really regret it.

    9. not really. it is an easy way to comment :)

    10. i think you should.

  18. 1. What on EARTH can I do to get you to leave comments.

    I wish you could see my first 3 blogs before this one -- no comments, for months on end. It is depressing. What I'v done differently this time is to visit and follow other blogs, and comment there. The more I comment, the more comments I get. That's all I can tell ya!

    2. When you participate in memes are you good about going through the list of all the other people who participate?

    I the meme does the Mr. Linky thing, I visit several (not all.) I just don't have time to do all!

    3. Did you like my orange cardboard layout that I posted the other day?

    It was well done, as usual! I'm not a fan of that serious subject matter, though. I think scrapping should be pretty, and fun!

    4. What are you doing this weekend?

    This is our first weekend of summer, so we're relaxing and getting used to the idea/change!

    5. Do you have kids? Are you married? Are you single, old, young? Who are you, exactly?

    I'm married with one son; I'm middle aged (will turn 45 this year.)

    6. What craft supply are you totally lusting after lately?

    I want Photoshop!

    7. Are you as totally into turquoise as I have been lately?

    No, although I do like the color.

    8. Speaking of crazy...I have actually been thinking about tatoos a lot lately. Do you have one? What is it and where?

    I HATE tattoos. I don't think I could ever get one. IMHO, they're a form of self-mutilation as the result of inner pain.

    9. Don't you hate it when bloggers make you answer a bunch of totally insanely random questions?


    10. Should I paint my giant bulletin board in my studio to the nice caramel color that I have sitting here for that purpose this weekend?

    I think paint is always a good idea!


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