Fabric, Clay, Pasta Sauce, and Carborator Nuts

Subtitle:  My life right now.  Just Say'n.

What?  You don't think those things go together?  HA!  Shows what you know!  Or not... 'cause they don't really, other than the simple fact that they are all things I plan to talk about today.  You've been warned.  BUT, it's not just because I'm random like that (even though I am), it's 'cause they are all things that are prominent in my life at the moment.

Carborator Nuts are prominent in your life, Jingle?

Well, sorta.  Just say'n.

Let's begin elsewhere, thought, shall we?

Clay Goodness

My relationship with these two is suffering severely.  You see, I just haven't been spending ANY time with them and they are not pleased with that.  Nor am I.  The whole thing is quite disastrous, so I think we need to have a  nice fancy schmancy date this weekend.  I don't know if I will hang out with both of them or just one of them, but we all need some quality time together SOON! 

Fabric Goodness
THIS is ....
....out of focus.  But that's what happens when you take photos just at dawn in a somewhat hidden spot.  HOWEVER, other than the out of focus part, it is also calling my name.  Actually, that combined with a rusty spring I found just may be forming an amazing idea in my mind at the moment.  Good things shall come.  Good things, my friends.  Now, where did I put all that time I had lying around....??????

FAB stamps!
THESE are a sad sad story!  Only ONE of them has even seen ink!  And I am totally and completely in LOVE with them, so they need more action and they need it QUICK!  They are the most recent Skipping Stones Design release.  You need them.  Just say'n.

I {heart} ADQ
THIS is making me incredibly HAPPY, incredibly INSPIRED, and incredibly ANTSY to get moving on some amazing projects!!!  I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY love this publication!  And after the frantic multi-store hop trying to get the new issue the other day The Hubbums *might* have said the word subscribe, so that may be coming SOON!!!!  YAY ME!!!!!!!  Now, how do I get them to publish more issues a year????

Pieces of a Brewing Idea
HERE you see an idea brewing.  It is really busting out and trying to turn into a completed project, but you know that time that I mentioned losing earlier?  Yeah, I still haven't found it.  Just say'n.  I don't think I'm loving that red fiber, so that will probably go and don't mind the body of the butterfly, as that is so toast - those are TOTALLY fairy wings, NOT butterfly wings and so I'm working with them....we shall see.  We shall, indeed, see.

Ummmm....GOODNESS!!!!  My scavenging has been QUITE successful lately and I can't wait to incorporate these treasures into fabulous art!  That spring sparked an idea pretty quickly, so I'm looking forward to that project!  Just need to pull out my old bottle of walnut ink crystals.  FUN STUFF!  I haven't used those in a long time!

These are seriously HUGE!
AND...I simply HAD to show you these two GIGANDO bottles of pasta sauce!  The Hubbums went to BJ's to go grocery shopping (yup...that's what it is really called for those of you who don't have one in your area...and yup.....men everywhere still giggle EVERY time they talk about the place....just say'n.) and he called me to clarify which Laughing Cow cheese I wanted because he is awesome like that and likes me to be happy (and skinny HA!) and he happened to mention that he was pretty sure we had pasta at home still and I happened to mention that I was pretty sure we did but I thought we were out of sauces, so he decided to pick up some sauce while he was there.  Mind you, there are TWO of us.  Two.  Just Two.  Those are HUGE jars of sauce!  LOL!  I hope those containers are resealable!  HA!

So, that is a summation of my life right now!  It's kind of funny to see it like this...almost makes me seem interesting!  HA!!!  Don't forget to check out yesterdays post to ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!!!  I am working on what will be in that surprise and I will reveal pieces here and there along the way!  Have a super awesome FRIDAY!!!!


  1. What fun!!!!

    I can't wait to see what you create this weekend!!! I am itching to get my hands on some paper clay myself!

    ...and that sauce... my husband would have come home with the 1 ounce size. He tends to buy small!

  2. lol my sweetie did the same thing brought last jar. lol I freeze the leftover sauce for another time. It works like charm. Sometime I think that it is cheaper to do that way. I just love reading ur posts. You cracked me up all the time.

  3. It is funny when you see it all together like that isn't it?

  4. Such fun creative things waiting for you! I don't know how you'll pick just one thing to start. I've also been on a hunt to find the new issue of Art Doll but have not been successful. ;0(

  5. Ooo, fun stuff. I can't wait to see your next doll. Love that mag! Saw it at Mikes I believe, and B&N of course. Have a creative weekend!!

  6. I can't wait to see what you create! I need to try my hand at some of the projects you do!! *hugs from conroe, tx!

  7. Jingle.
    Love the stamp sets and the fabric!
    HEY! I love ADQ too and my art happens to be in this publication. My metal art sparked a challenge and there's all kinds of beautiful metal creations!!!!

  8. I am loving the stamps. The designs would look pretty in clay. =)

    We shop at BJ's, too.

  9. Ha! I've found that pasta sauce freezes well--just in case you can't eat it all in a week or so! And it works fine for putting in crescent rolls (as rectangles) with shredded mozzarella and pepperoni (bake as directed for crescents). Yum! And you can even make a lasagne and freeze it in portions. Have fun!

    And I love that mag too and I don't make dolls! Have you seen Somerset Studio mag? love it too!

  10. Men. They always like BIG JUGS of stuff. ;)

    Can't wait to see what you create!!!! This looks PROMISING!! (Of course, all your stuff is awesome...it's just that this looks really intriguing!)

  11. What a fun happy post! :) Hmmmm...butterfly wings, glittery body, serene face - I see the makings of quite a lovely doll in the immediate future! I absolutely love Art Doll magazine - the creations in there are astounding and so inspirational. Diet coke and tomato sauce - two of my favorites (not together, however) Enjoy the weekend!

  12. What great combinations! I love all that material (and the big jars of prego look pretty good too)! :)

  13. Sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead of you!! Can't wait to see what you create!!

  14. maybe you could make some lasangna u and freeze it for a later time. You are a busy crafty girl! Go YOU!

  15. It's great to see that you're always up to having fun. Creative activity is surely the BEST outlet.

  16. Okay, I totally saw fairy wings and had to go back and look when you said they weren't butterfly wings. Hmmmm. Whadaya think that means??????


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