A Tale of Two Cities

This is Worcester, Massachusetts. (That's pronounced wister or wista for those of you NOT from Mass.)

This is West Palm Beach, Florida. (That's pronounced BEACH for those of you not from...ummm...anywhere.)

If forced to choose between the two, which would YOU prefer to make your home?

You see, as of last Tuesday we were moving to the latter. Yup. That sunny one with all that glorious ocean and wonderful sun. Of course, this wasn't going to be the easiest move in the world. My husband was offered a job teaching down there. He was not, incidentally, offered anything as good around here. Thus, he was set to head off to West Palm Beach as of Saturday morning. As in...a couple of days ago. As in by himself.

Now, don't get me wrong here...I had no desire to see my husband off without me to go live in the land of mojitos and sandy shores, but there is that whole lease thing that companies don't take kindly to folks running out on and oh...yeah...my job. While yes, I was in the process of finding out if my employers would be okay with me working from Palm Beach (I work in tech support of sorts, so it would be possible if approved.), this certainly isn't something that could happen overnight and therefore I was to remain here in Mass until about Christmas while my wonderful Hubbums was off to the beach to teach, so to speak.

We were busy working on the details and stressing over the whole thing because it, quite frankly, was a HUGE decision to make - did we REALLY want to up and move to West Palm Beach. I mean, of course the palm trees were calling our names, but we have no immediate family down there and we would be basically starting ALL OVER! Yikes! Scary, but kinda fun, too. We had a lot on our minds and if you have been reading my blog the last couple of weeks you have CERTAINLY seen that reflected here, as I haven't done much in the way of my usual fare. (I did make some stuff this weekend, though, so I'm excited to report that I will have fabulousness to share this week!!!)


Yup. There is always one of those. But then, the phone rang. Okay, well, The Hubbums cell phone rang. (Dude, we SO don't have a land line! That's sooooo 2002. Just say'n.) So, it rang. Like, as The Hubbums was picking it up to make some of the final arrangements for Florida. And who was on the other end? Oh, YES, my friends, none other than Worcester Public Schools. Okay, well not like ALL of the schools ... it was actually The Hubbums' principal from last year. They want him back. A lot. And they made that abundantly clear. Because, you see, not only did he here from the principal, but also a couple of the other teachers. So, alas, while at dinner at IHOP (It was a stressful week, we needed comfort food, what do you want from me?), The Hubbums accepted the position offered at WPS (Worcester Public Schools).

Yes, you heard that right. We chose the city with exactly ZERO beaches. Actually, I'm thinking they don't even have a decent mojito in Worcester, to be honest, but, alas, it is sorta home. ANNNNND....it doesn't involve my Hubbums leaving town for four months before we can live together in the same state again. THAT is a good thing. We will still likely make a home change come December, but it won't be to Floriday. Nope...maybe Worcester. We shall see.

I know from this end it sounds like it was all very fast and easy, but let me tell you something! It wasn't. I mean, the whole thing was rather quick, but it didn't feel like it at ALL! There were single days that literally felt like three! I want to thank those of you who have prayed for us and thought of us during all of this even though you didn't know what was going on. I also thank you for sticking around even though my blog was lacking. I promise...good stuff on the way!

Thanks guys. And, if you happen to live in a sunny, beautiful place like West Palm Beach, please think of me next time your toes hit that sand...'cause I'm stuck in New England for yet another long cold winter! HA!

Jingle Out.

HAAAAA!!!! Really. It's hysterical! Jingle out. *insert eye roll* Who even SAYS these things? HA!


  1. All part of the groan ... oops, I mean growing ... process! Look at it this way, you two have learned a lot in the last year or two about faith and making the best of what you've got AND in exploring other locals, you have a better vision for dreams and what you both want for the future. So it's all good! I'm just happy Sean has a job. This will be a good year for you both!

  2. Things always seem to have a way of working out, if only the stress didn't have to come with that though! :)

    I am glad you get to stay...you can visit the beach anytime!

  3. Sounds as though you are very happy with the answer given and talk about last minute...WOW!! Life surely is an adventure. (still will keep you in my prayers...extra ones can never hurt)

    I can tell ya from experience, it's not easy having your other half live in one place and you in another for a few months so I'm so happy that you two will be together.

    I will more than happy to send ya some sand and shells when ever you feel that you need "the beach" and will even throw in a recipe for a mojito.


  4. Sounds like a great new adventure to me! It is all about the journey! Have a blast!

  5. It sounds like it's the best decision for you guys, but I gotta tell you, come Feb you might be regretting it! :) jk...you can always vacay down there with your new income!

  6. Sounds like the right decision for you right now. Although it might have been a fun adventure, the Autumn months would have been crappy being by yourself. Good Luck with everything!

  7. So glad to hear things are working out for you and that you dont have to move to hot and sunny and alligator filled Florida... (we have friends who just moved there last year and keep having gators and all sorts of icky lizards in their back yard..) Besides, the fall colors and SEASONS up in Mass are much mo prettiah! And not to mention getting to make fun of ppl who can't say BEACH. Buwahahaha! (My fam is from Mass... I'm allowed to poke fun!)

    ~Inky Smiles!

  8. Glad to hear that things worked out in the end.

  9. Awww I was almost excited to have a scrappy friend living closer to me here in FL!

    I am glad that you will get to stay home though and be closer to your roots and that your hubby wont have to be gone for a while...

    I live ON the beach and can see the water from my balcony now and have some daquiri mixes in the fridge so Im thinking of you lol

  10. I am glad that things worked out this way! I can continue to live vicariously though you and the abundant snow you will continue to have. YAY!

    Every time I come here I sing Jingle Bells... it's always Christmas at Jingle's house!

    Congrats to the hubbums on the new job too!

  11. Well Jingle I live in a hot sunny humid place and i'd love to try a cooler climate to live in...
    It's not Florida but from what I hear the weather is about the same?
    Texas to be exact, has lost it's charm in the summer, if it ever had any.
    Ya know "The grass is always greener".I'm so sorry that your opportunity for sunny weather has slipped through your fingers, really I am.

  12. Wowza - that would have been lots to think about!!! I don't think I could handle living in as hot a place as Florida. I've been a nasty little thing in this heat in the northeast this summer!

  13. Good luck to you both. I haven't been on due to family issues so I haven't kept up. Guess I checked up at the right time :)

  14. Well, that was exciting!! You had me on the edge of my seat!! Things always seem to work out the way they're supposed to. Glad he got the job, that's very cool.... you know, to be wanted that much. ;)

  15. Wow! What a crazy couple of weeks! Glad it all came to a happy conclusion even if you don't get a sandy beach! It is so cool how you were working together to work it all out. I think the whole process is a testament to your great relationship. It made me happy reading it!

  16. Oh my goodness! This was a drama-in-progress...I can't imagine the stresses you both must have gone through. Congratulations to both of you, though, on all of the changes....nothing but promise & beauty ahead.

    take your time with your life - the blog will always be here and so will we!!

    And by the way - if it makes you feel any better - when you asked which place we'd choose? I choose Mass. (I'm all for beaches but there is something about a delicious fall that I just couldn't pass up)

  17. When one door closes another one opens. It's not never the one you expect. I'm just glad we have you with us, no matter where you are.

  18. so glad this all worked out for you and I'm sure you were both ynder a lot of stress during the decision making process!! Glad you'll get to be together!

  19. Now that you've made your decision to stay put, you'll probably have more time to create...enjoy.

  20. Like a roller coaster ride, all the ups and downs, Well it seems like things worked out for you, at least you don't have to pack up and be without your hubby, But boy the beach sounded nice didn't it!

  21. Don't get me wrong - beaches are beautiful. But when I saw the photo of Worcester - I chose that one! LOL I am a New Englander tried and true. I'm so sorry to hear of all the uncertainties and stress the potential new job caused. But I was relieved to hear of your hubby's job offer from WPS. Hurray for the hubby! How wonderful it must have felt to hear that he was so wanted. Now that this stress is over, I look forward to seeing the new pretties you've created. Theresa

  22. Well Jen, having lived in MA most of our lives and living in FL for the last 20 years, I have to add my two cents :) I am a "summer-hot-weather-beach-lovin" person. Never liked the cold or winter sports even as a kid growing up in it. My DH was offered a 6-month assignment here on the east coast of FL in 1991 ~ I thought I died and went to Heaven! We ended up moving here and worked for several years after that living on the beach. We are still on the East coast of FL, living on a river, retired early, and happy to have made the decision so long ago. We do go back to New England every couple of months to visit family & friends in the Spring, Summer and Fall because, really, "There's No Place Like Home!" So happy your hubby has a good paying job there in MA, that is definitely the one area in FL that is not so good~ many of our family and friends tried to make the change only to find they had to pack up and go back North. Best of luck and all good wishes to you!:o)

  23. While I read your WOYWW I remembered the big decision and scrolled down in your blog to find more. And here it is. When I saw the pictures of the two cities I immediately said "Massachusetts" (I'm a German living in California...) Florida is hot, humid, full of retirees who don't like kids (nono, I don't have prejudices, what makes you think that?)and, worst of all, GIANT snakes that are not even native but taking over. I know about big moves (Germany to US 9 years ago), they can be super good, but are scary. Anyway, I'm happy for you how things turned out!


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