A Beautiful Gift from a Beautiful Artist

Are you familiar with Becky Shander? If not, I hope you will be by the end of this post. She is a beautiful artist with a beautiful soul and a beautiful heart! She actually lives fairly close to me, although, we have not yet had a chance to meet. Some day, though....some day. Becky kindly offered to send me a few pieces of sea glass to work with the other day. It was such a kind offer and I was looking forward to receiving the little package in the mail. Well, let me tell you something, when Becky sends a little package she does it beautifully!

I opened the box to find a little scroll of paper rolled and tied so perfectly. She had written a quick note, but really, the presentation was just so wonderful! And then, I found the sea glass!!!

Sea Glass in a gift bag

(I apologize for the quick photos - the colors are a bit off, but know that it is all beautiful!)

She sent the glass in a perfect little handmade gift pouch tied with string! How happy is THAT?! Pretty darned happy, if you ask me!

Sea Glass

The pieces are so perfect and I can't wait to create with them! I'm already imagining a photo transfer onto a piece that can be wire wrapped and turned into a gorgeous pendant!!!! I'm excited!!!! Can you tell? HA!

But, Becky chose to include even more in this little gift package! She had told me she would be sending the glass and I was honored to be receiving THAT, but when I EVER saw THIS I was just in shock! It is perfect. Beautiful. And timely.

Beautiful Wall Hanging by Becky Shander

An utterly amazing fiber art piece crafted with Becky's own two beautiful hands! WOW! I feel so special and so honored to hold this piece in my hands! It is gorgeous and I am just so ... well, I don't even know. It made me feel good. It really did. And it does. And it will. This is art, people. This is the kind of emotion that it is supposed to render. Real emotion.

Becky, thank you so much for this wonderful gift! You made me feel special.

And not in the short bus kind of way. Just say'n.

(You guys didn't think I could get through an entire post with ONLY sappy stuff, did you? I can't do it. I like to laugh. I like to love and cry and be real, but I really like to laugh!)

I hope each of you is blessed by something today in some way or another! Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. What a wonderful treasure ! I love nothing more than to get packages in the mail...but when there is even more amazingness to it than I had origionally anticipated!? BLISS!

  2. Sea glass is one of natures most perfect "mishaps". Those are lovely pieces and I so love the idea you have with what to do with them. Excited to see it!!! Her work is amazing. Thank you for sharing this most exciting time with us. Ya always put a smile on my face and a giggle in my heart.


  3. What a wonderful treat....it is alway nice to get a surprise.

  4. what a sweetie!!!!!!!Lucky you !!

  5. Love the gift bag! How fun for you! Enjoy!

  6. Thank you Jennifer...for your warm and kind words. And I love your photo transfer idea for the sea glass - I'm sure it'll turn out really special.

  7. what a WONDERFUL surprise! the sea glass is gorgeous and i can't wait to see what you'll do with it, but Becky's presentation is fantastic! that pouch is too pretty, and that hanging art?! WOW!

  8. Becky's art opens the strings to your heart; Tiny mementos of treasures enabling us to forge ahead on our path! The creatiove path, the artist's way of seeing the world. I think creative people have a different view of the world; it is the little things that bring the most emotion and sentiment~ enJOY!

  9. How sweet of Becky!

    I used to pick up "sea glass" all the time when I lived near the Great Lakes. (Why is it called "sea glass" when you can get it from a lake? LOL)

  10. just love the little bag with the bird!

  11. The sea glass is so gorgeous. And what a beautiful and charming little piece of fiber art! I adore that sweet little bird. I cannot wait to see what you create with the sea glass. :) Theresa

  12. i have some sea glass here in a little tin that i have been meaning to post to a lovely blogger in sweden...i guess i should get off my lazy butt and send it, specially if it makes here as happy as you are :)
    p.s that fibre art is very special indeedy

  13. I had a dream last night of sea glasses...mostly in soft hues of blue but today the Universe sent you a glorious gift from a kind artist :O)! I held a tiny 9 week old puppy close to my heart today...what a soft cuddly heartbeat to slow down a racing heart. Lovely post! Imagine and Live in Peace, mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. Its so beautiful! Looking forward to working with you in SSD!


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