There are Acts of God...There are Acts of Nature...and then There are...

....Acts of Glue Dots.

No. For REALS, you guys! This card is an Act of Glue Dots! HA! While ribbon will naturally fall in a quite lovely form, it rarely remains that way. However, I REALLY wanted it to remain that way, so with a little help from my friends (...p.s. that's where the Glue Dots come in...Just say'n. In case you hadn't got there yet...), the ribbon stayed EXACTLY where I wanted it! In all it's draping, slightly ruffled, goodness!


Here is the sketch that we started with this week for SSD #36 (AKA: Skipping Stones Design Goodness #36...join in over at the Skipping Stones blog!!! It's fun!!!! AND...you can win stuff!)

Cute, right?


But...I am not going to lie to you...it was one SERIOUSLY tricky sketch for me! I sort of went my own way with it, but my design is certainly inspired by the sketch and I'm sure you will see that!

SSD #36

Seeeeeee!!!!! I totally wasn't kidding about that whole ribbon thing, huh?! Yup! I tell it like it is, here, folks! HA! So, yes, there may be a *few* Glue Dots involved in keeping that there, but it looks SOOOOO cute that way! Fun stuff!

Anyway, I used the BRAND NEW Timeless Textures background stamps set for this. Seriously. I am so in freaking love with these background stamps! I am totally going to be using them a lot, so I hope you like them!!!! HA!

SSD #36 b

The key is a fun old one that I had in my stash. LOVE!!!

No...really...take a moment to breath that goodness in. My own PERSONALLY created patterned paper with fabulous music notes on it due to the awesomeness of the stamp PLUS amazing old key goodness. Oh...and lace and velvet ric rac happies, too.


I'll give you a moment. You know, to savor and such.

I'm just say'n.

'Cause, folks, it just doesn't get any better than that! These are the things that bring happiness and joy to my life.

*sigh* *again*

SSD #36 c

HAAAA!!!! Okay, enough with that sappy I'm a dork stuff. But I am. And I'm cool with that. I've come to love that dork that is me. I'm just say'n!

So, hop on over to SSD, check out the sketch and what the other Stamp Tramps created and for the LOVE OF STAMPS go make a card and link it up over there! You know you want to. You can feel it!

Oh, and my husband made these for dinner last night. Which basically means that I had a better dinner than you did. HA!!! Just say'n.

Go check out the stamp tramps now! QUICK! (Or take your time. It really works for me, either way. Just say'n.)

Oh...and I promise not to guzzle a HUGE McDonald's Sweet Tea immediately before writing a blog post anymore. Or at least much. 'Cause I might be kinda hyper and that *might* be evident in this post. I'm just say'n.

Just kidding. I don't promise that.

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  1. Love it! It is sassy and sweet all in one!!

    Deanne :)

  2. Great card....glue dots rock! I love your blog you crack me up each time a read one of you posts and that is not an easy thing to do this early.

  3. Great card - love the background stamp! And, couldn't live without my glue dots for ribbon!

  4. I think you should have TWO McDonald's sweet teas next time... that should be even more fun!

  5. Love everything about this card and your post cracks me up. Such enthusiasm!

  6. You are too cute! Love the card! You made me giggle!!!

  7. You always make me smile even when my body is off center...acts of glue dots...so simple and funny to say and more beautiful to see. Thank you for stopping by my post and I am off today to select a crimson color...to use of my cup of Joe. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. An old metal key and some pretty lace! What a cool combo!

  9. awesome frackin' card - the lace and ricrac are TOTALLY worth all the hassle with the dottage 'cuz it all BELONGS on this card!

    you know what's right. you did what's best. it's really that simple.

    awwwww, yeaaaahhhh.

    and holy heck, your hubbin made some scrummies! WANT!

  10. i miss making my own cards, thats really cute

  11. You did a fabulous job! I LOVE that ribbon and, especially, the lace and the key. Theresa

  12. You are so cute ~ you make me smile every time I visit! This is such a lovely card! I love glue dots too!
    Have a week filled with blessings!
    ~ Katie

  13. This looks yummy both hubby's supper and your card.

  14. So vintage and yummy I love it! You did an amazing job with this sketch!

  15. You keep me laughing!!! cute card, I'm just sayin...

  16. Beautiful job with the sketch!!! Love that music background stamp!!!

  17. Nice to have you join us for Anything Related! See you next week for more beautiful things! ~Bridgette

  18. Glue dots rock. They done good by ya. Beautiful card.


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