My Husband Builds Random Robotic Arms, What Does Yours Do?

HA! No, really, though. The Hubbums is pretty much wicked cool. Just say'n. Wanna see what he made? Yup. You do. So, here it is!

Robotic Arm

FOR REALS! That is so cool!!! No, really. It is. It works. Do you see those neat multi-colored syringes? Those are the hydraulic powering devices. That sounds technical, I realize, but don't worry...I think I just made that up. HA!


Basically, you push the fluid through the tubes with the syringes and it causes the arm to move appropriately. Each colored section does a different task, giving the robot arm a wide range of motion.


He cut all the foam pieces (it's a high density foam used for insulation) and basically created the whole thing from scratch. It's way cool.


I told him he should spray paint it silver or black and give it red eyes so it can look like a cool scary robot. He said it is an arm and more like an industrial robot and would likely be orange or yellow like the ones in factories. Oh, and apparently arms don't HAVE eyes. I still like my plan. Arms can have eyes in my world. I mean, REALLY, I make creepy art dolls - anything can have an eye or a wing as far as I'm concerned! HA!


Oh, and you can totally pick stuff up with it. For reals. It's cool. Just say'n.

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  1. That IS very cool! Can it be used to put dishes in the dishwasher? We could use one of those here...
    My husband, bless his heart, can tear apart and build an airplane blind-folded and would love that as a hobby instead of a living, but 23 years ago, before we got married, I said, under NO circumstances will he collect old plane parts and save them until he could build his own 747. He still married me.

  2. WOW....very cool robotic or would that be syringeotic arm...LOL!! Love the fact that you two are together and both have "the talent". I could see eyes and wings and ok ok so I "see things" too. Nothin wrong with that...is there???

    My hubbikins is a welder. He can fabricate just about anything. I have an awesome round outdoor table he made me and the Chazman has a majorly AWESOME motorcycle his daddy made him. Having a talented hubby is way cool. I don't have to worry about my quirky ways so much...hehe.


    The Chazman will love this post.

  3. You look too young to be married!
    My husband plays with cars, trucks, motorbikes and tractor parts in his workshop!
    I think making robotic arms is way more interesting!

  4. I'm thinking the grabby part could actually be jaws, so add the eyes near it...if y'know you convince hubbums. It's pretty darn cool, esp with the pretty water! jk, it's cool in all ways. My hubbums likes to build stuff for the kids--loft beds, book shelves, it's all good.

  5. Wow, that is pretty cool! Smart man!!

  6. I'm totally impressed with your hubby's robotic arm. Sounds like he has an engineering degree. I'm thinking it would make an awesome Steampunk piece. Love it, regardless.

  7. My Sweetie spends his time repairing various toys and objects The Girl destroys... I think he would much rather be doing what your hubby did... This is totally awesome!!

  8. How cool is that?!!!

    Now I must admit, if I saw a syringe like that in my home, I'd freak, cuz it's got my daughter's name on it! HA!

  9. Cool! My husband built a turn table for a cupcake display:-)

  10. just stopped by to say that I LOVE love LOVE your blog! Lots of sassy ideas!

    ...visiting from Sassy Sites!
    (cause your blog is a sassy site!)

  11. Oh how fun! Too bad it won't wash dishes!

  12. How cool is that! He is obviously a man of many talents. :) Theresa

  13. this is very cool! And I love the shots of your studio. I spent a good while cleaning mine today and you would never know it...

  14. these are pretty cool and i could use a few sets!

  15. lol that is so funny.
    I'm just loves to read.

  16. Wow! Your hubby must be a brainy-ack.. Thats way cool and I like your idea of the eyes and painting it silver, ohh yeah..
    Techno art!


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