You Made it to the Next Level - Graduation Card

Holy GOODNESS!  Can I even TELL you how glad I am that is is Friday.  I'm glad.  Lotsa glad.  For reals, folks, FOR.  REALS.

It has been a busy week here in the land of Just Jingle!  If you haven't already, check out Monday's post and yesterday's post for a couple of GREAT giveaways!  GOOD STUFF, guys!  GOOD, freaking, STUFF!

Do you have any fabulous plans for the weekend?  I am vaguely considering cleaning my studio tonight...or at least the desk.  We shall see.  It needs it more than a fish needs water at the moment.  FOR.  Reals.  Just say'n.

I made a fun graduation card for The Hubbums' cousin.  Due to the fact that he is male and, well, graduating from high school, I was a wee tad bit concerned about creating a card that was neither childish nor girly.  You see, while I'm not one on that whole "blue is for boys and pink is for girls" line, I know this kid.  He's not the okay-with-flowers-and-butterflies type!  HA!  So...this is what I came up with:

The Next Level Graduation Card

The base of the card is kraft cardstock...'cause men like the color of wood.  Yeah.  That's it.  HA!  WHERE do I GET these things???   LOL!  The white grid paper is Scenic Route (*moment of silence for that loss, please*).  I LOVE their lined and grid papers and I will miss them SOOO much!  Good thing I had a small stash hoarded away!  The green patterned papers are Cosmo Cricket.  I have to say, I wouldn't have normally put those together, but since that is the back and front of the same SHEET I figured I'd give it a shot, and you know what...it works!  (At least I think it does.  Smile and nod.  Smile.  And.  Nod.  HA!)  The image and border stickers are Cosmo Cricket, too.  Thank  you BOYFRIEND collection!!!!  And the Alphabet stickers are Crate Paper.  LOVE the font for this card!

The Next Level Graduation Card Inside

And this is the inside!  Cuteness!!!!  Well, MANLY cuteness, that is! (read that "manly" part in a deep voice, K?  K.  Thanks.) 

Sooooo....that's my super fun, super cute MANLY graduation card!  I hope he likes it! 

As for me, this weekend....I plan on, well, as I said, possible doing something about the tornado that hit my studio (It was called Tornado Jingle...huh.  Fancy that.  HA!) and then on Saturday I'm gonna go hang out with my Mom in the morning, hit some yard sales and go to a Tastefully Simple party.  Sunday is totally a hang with The Hubbums day!  I might do a little creating in there, too, if I get a chance!  How about you?  What are your plans?


  1. Love your card Jing! Very manly. Very. rawr.

    I plan on doing crafts all weekend (of course)!!!

    I plan on hanging with my mom tomorrow morning as well (I might drag her to a few bead stores) and I am hopefully doing a video tutorial (I get all nervous when I do those things for some reason).

    Have a fun weekend! See ya Monday!

  2. Cute card. Is it sad that I used to play video games with that type of joystick. Ya I am aging myself. LOL

    Going to SIL's camp for the whole long weekend and scrapbooking. So looking forward to it.
    Now how do I get my craft room into my jeep teehee.

  3. You did a fantastic job on the manly card!

  4. Off to find this paper for my nephew's graduation--love this, Jingle!

  5. That card is awesome! You are so creative!


  6. Holy cow these are so so amazing! You are one talented little card maker girl! I love them all!!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  7. I'm going to do WHATEVER I want to! (She says in a deep voice.)

  8. This card is really great - it's perfect for a guy. :) Sounds like you have some great relaxing plans for the weekend. Have a ton of fun! Theresa :)

  9. Very cute! Um, I mean manly. Have a great weekend!

  10. Fun card!

    I think Tornado Jingle made it all the way to Tampa ;D I may need a Hazmat suit before tackling the damages here

    Have fun this weekend

  11. Now that's a good BOYCARD! I have the same problem worrying about giving guys cards so I usually end up buying them as I'm afraid of offending with my 'makes'.

    I really don't see the point of tidying your studio if you are going to create again afterwards? Well, put it this way, if it was me there wouldn't be much point! And enjoy the garage sales...I'm jealous!

  12. Super cute card! And I love that it's different.

  13. Oh I love your super manly card! It's super cute!


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