Butterfly Wings ATC AND (yup, com'n at ya with extras today!) a couple of cute headbands!

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Just in case you hadn't yet caught on...I really love to make stuff! No, for reals. I do. I just get excited with each and every piece that I create. As you know, I like to play with all kinds of materials and complete finished projects of assorted varieties! It's so fun!!! I just love it!

SO...today I am going to share a couple of things I have created lately!

First, I created this Butterfly Wings ATC for the Vintage ATC swap over at SSS! I think I like the way it turned out. I had another plan, but I wasn't able to get the mold to do what I wanted to do, so I had to change my plan, but that's what drives these things, kwim?

Butterfly Wings ATC

The Butterfly wing is stamped with a Skipping Stones Design stamp on vellum with StazOn ink.

Butterfly Wing ATC Detail 2

I used watercolors and glimmer mist to add color to the background paper and the trim. The button is cut in half and adhered to the card.

Butterfly Wings ATC Detail 1

I stamped the image on the bottom after swashing the background with watercolors and then used twinkling H2O's to add just a bit of color. The crowns are cut from the Once Upon a Princess cartridge (I think) on my Cricut and then glittered with Martha Stewart glitter glue.

Butterfly Wings ATC side

I love that the butterfly is attached only at the body so that it can truly fly away!

I also made a couple of headbands this week! This first one is made from a t-shirt and some vintage buttons. (You know how much I love vintage buttons!!!!)

T-shirt and vintage button headband

I actually stitched the flowers this time so that they could be a bit more billowy and a bit messier than when I use adhesive. To create the band portion I just braided three strips of the fabric cut from the sleeves of the t-shirt. I really love this one!!!!

Prima Flowers + A headband equal CUTENESS!!!!!

This one, I have to be honest, I feel guilty even saying I 'made' it, as it is a total cheater headband! LOL! Those big fabulous flowers are straight from a Prima package! LOL! I just added them to the headband and WA-LA! But, seriously, folks. It's super freaking adorable. Just say'n! I do want to replicate these flowers, though, so I will probably be working on that eventually!

What did you think? Did you make something wicked crazy cool this week?

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  1. Great new headbands! Thanks for linking to Make it Wear it!

  2. I love the style you've been showing lately! Very fun!!

  3. Cute ATC. Those hairbands rock on you.

  4. Which Prima flowers are those? Do they come in teal???????

    I LOVE them!

  5. Just for the record Jingle.
    My injuries were caused by cooking not crafting LOL
    See I am not meant to be in the kitchen LOL

  6. The ATC is so nice. I love the colors and style of creations you have been doing lately. Those headbands are so nice!

  7. Love it all. The headbands are fantastic!

  8. so. the headbands are, like, ADORABLE. YES, replicate those primas, make me a headband (brown or aqua, pretty please) and i will send you large moneystuffs! lullz. :D

    the ATC is super purdy - the broked button is so different, it HAD to come from you. i SO need to bust out my twinklers - they ain't been gettin' much lovin's lately.

  9. The ATC cards are really cool. I've never made any of those before.

    The headbands RAWK!!!!! Even if you cheated....and it's hardly cheating when you use Prima goodness! :)

  10. Love the butterfly card and the headbands. Doesn't matter what you used - you still put it all together. Very cute!!! :) Theresa

  11. Love the ATC, I hope this is one of the ones I get in the swap! How on earth did you cut a button in half? (I'll have to go home and try that!)

  12. So much fun!
    Lately I have been more in the mood to try new things. Today I converted an old almond container into a trinket box using fabric and hot glue. I have to say that I am not that big of a fan of the hot glue. Is there a trick to keeping the "spider webs" away? Or is there a better glue option that works on fabric as well as other surfaces?

  13. The butterfly...the transformation...the card captures it all. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. ohhh my goodness i love how the headband turned out, it's so pretty!! What a great idea!! :D the butterfly atc is gorgeous too!!

  15. WOW! These are gorgeous! You are such an amazing card maker!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  16. I love how your passion for your art projects come across in your blog! Thanks for sharing and see you next week! Rory


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