Orange and Yellow Ruffles Make Me Happy!!!

Okay, so here's the deal. I'm addicted to headbands. And I'm pretty much okay with that! HA!

So, while I was at work the other day I had this random idea that I wanted to create a headband with ruffles! It just sounded like fun!

Guess What?!

It WAS FUN!!!!

Orange and yellow goodness comin' at ya, folks! And comin' at ya fast! Check this out!


Supplies for ruffle headband

Three different ribbons. Stripes make things more interesting on the ruffles. Polka dots would be cute, too! Get creative! You also need a stretchy headband.


Needle and Thread

You will also need a needle and thread! It helps to have a super cute pin cushion, but it is by no means required. It just makes you smile, so it's worth having around. HA!

Then, just scrunch your first ribbon up into a ruffle and stick the needle right through it carrying the thread through. Go back and forth a couple of times to secure it at whatever length makes you happy. Then stitch that one to the headband. I did my largest ribbon first - the yellow one.

Ruffle Headband (Another View)

Next, I choose my orange and yellow and green striped ribbon and I folded it back and forth to create a sort of ruffle, but I stitched it onto the headband in a more flat manner so I could put something cute in the middle!

Ruffle Headband

Finally, I created the rosette by simply winding the thin orange ribbon around itself. I kept it straight for the first few wraps to create the center and then added some twists to make it look like a rosette as I continued.


That's an interesting word. What makes it a rose - ETTE versus just a rose, anyway? Is it because it is small? That can't be it because I've seen wonderful small roses that are real and nobody calls THOSE rosettes. But, yet, that's what everyone calls them in the craft world. Strange. Hmmmm...... wonder....wonder....wonder....think....think....think. Yup. It officially makes no sense. Just say'n.

SOOOOOO.....after you have create the rose. (Yup. I'm gonna be rebellious and not call it a 'rosette.' HA!) You stitch that piece on in the middle over the flat part of the stripey goodness! AND....VOI-LAH! (Ummm...so I have NO FREAKING CLUE how to spell a word that sounds like VWA-LA. Just say'n. Okay. Moving on.) You have a SUPER CUTE headband that makes you happy!!!! LOVE!

Ruffle Headband Close

So....you gonna make one???? I wanna see!!!!

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  1. You''re such a creative person! Beautiful...great colors! :)


  2. Oh my goodness! This is totally cute - you should have shown us a picture of you wearing it!!! :) I love the word rosette, too - it's so dainty and feminine. Great job on the headband! Theresa

  3. You gotta model these things Jingle!

    I love this... what a killer idea!!!!

    Mine would be teal and teal of course. hehehe

  4. That's lovely! rosette is a pretty word- I like the word 'putole' too, I think it sounds purple! and I think the word 'serendipity' sounds like a happy chance! I love words!!

  5. This is so adorable, totally suits you.

  6. i always say there isnt enough orange in the world! i could even make these!

  7. You got the VOILA word ALMOST right! (No H).

    Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE the headband!!!! So cute - and so YOU!

  8. LOVE IT!! I love orange and yellow, orange and pink, orange and red. Really anything with orange. And your rose is adorable!

  9. I think I need to make some of these for my grand daughters. They are so cute!

  10. Really cute. Especially love the rosette.

  11. Well done, creative color combinations and a terrific result. Thanks for sharing the inspiration and ideas.

  12. I love the headband ruffle! Headbands give me headaches, but I might try to see if I can adapt this to one of the clips I have been using...

  13. Super cute! I need to make some of these ~ FuN!!!

  14. oh, just YUM YUM YUMMY! i love these colours, and your ROSE is poifect!

    i adore your craftiness, girl!

  15. I'm not going to make one but I so want that pin cushion... even if I never sew. Gosh such a thing could get a girl started!!

  16. Cool project, and i just adore your ickle pin custion


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