Meet Genevieve - She is ALMOST finished!!!

I really wanted to have Genevieve completed for you today, but... alas, I have come to a bit of a snag. She is done, but her outfit is, well, not quite there yet. I need help! LOL!

Genevieve (unfinished)

THIS, my friends, is Genevieve. She is a modern, classic, trendy sort of girl with a lot of spunk and a lot of questions. She has a lot of things in her life that make her incredibly happy. She has a wonderful family and people who love her, she has hobbies that keep her mind traveling to wonderful places and allow her to use her imagination to keep a flame ignited inside of her that drives her day in and day out. She is creative and energetic. But, something is missing. The thing is, Genevieve has a strong spirit and won't let that one thing blind her from all that is so wonderful around her. No, she will just keep on going, keep on creating, and keep on loving and being loved until she finds that piece and then she will know that all is well, at least for that moment.

Genevieve Outfit

I really had a wonderful time creating Genevieve's outfit! Her little Courduroy skirt, white t-shirt, and denim jacket are all created from thrifted fabrics or my own old clothes (like jeans that couldn't be thrifted because they have a hole in the butt. Just say'n.) She even has adorable little mary janes!!!! I {heart} shoes!!!!

Genevieve Back

I chose to use the bottom of a leg of the jeans because it had a seriously fabulous fray going on that just HAD to be the bottom of her jacket. Don't you love that???!!! I love that!

Genevieve Leg Shot

She is made from muslin with a paper clay head. I painted the fabric and the clay with multiple layers. I did a little experiment on her, too. I actually painted a coat of crackle medium over her painted surface and then, instead of paint, I layered a clear glaze as the top coat. Well, lesson learned. Glaze doesn't crackle! HA! But that's totally okay, because I did it for the purpose of learning and figured I'd design with whatever the result happened to be!

Genevieve back of head (wip)

BUT...here is my dilemma! I can't quite figure out how to do the collar on the jacket! Now, understand, I don't sew. I mean, yes, I constructed her clothes and hand stitched them all, and I made her body from scratch and hand stitched that, and I'm happy with them, but, I am a hack and have no clue what I am doing! HA! I am totally stumped on this collar thing! I have a couple of theoretical ideas, but if you happen to know how to do them, feel free to toss your thoughts out for me to consider! PLEASE!!!

Genevieve face (wip)

After I give her the proper collar, I want to add a necklace of some sort and I've been bouncing around the idea of a hair accessory, but I think I'm leaning away from that at the moment. Then again, this is me, so I could change my mind by tomorrow. Just say'n!

So....what do you think of Genevieve? Isn't she lovely? I think she is lovely. And she is hopeful and that is SO important. She knows there is something out there, she just needs to figure out what it is. Who knows...maybe it is somewhere in South Africa. Maybe.

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you all for the great ideas! Here she is totally finished! She makes me SOOO happy!


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  1. She's so wonderful! Love the clothes. How about putting felt on the inside of the collar for a pop of color? It would also give it a bit a weight so the collar would lay down if you wanted it to and also finish it off if you wanted it upright...just saying. ;0)

  2. I am learning about making dolls too and learning to sew .
    Genevieve is quite the accomplishment. I love her but since I can't really sew I can't help:( Ask her I am sure she will tell you exactly what she wants;)

  3. You did such a great job with her! Her outfit is totally adorable - wish I could assist you with the collar thing, but I can't sew, either! I agree on giving her a little flower necklace - that would be cute. Maybe a matching brooch for the jacket? Then I think she is just fine! :) Theresa

  4. Oooh...I like the idea of felt on the inside of the collar for that splash of color and the "finished off" look. How about a small row of sequins along the top of her shirt, too? You know - for some sparkle?

    Just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR DOLLS!!! I wish you'd do more of them....but yeah yeah, I know, you can't cater to me only...LOL!

    Genevieve is adorable!

  5. She's GREAT! And I think the collar is really her, the way it stands up. A bead necklace would be good, like chunky beads, you know the way really 'out there' personalities wear big chunky pottery bead necklaces? Maybe a brooch on her jacket? use a button as base and stick on lots of sequins and stuff, or even a bit of feather too? and then stick the button onto the jacket?

    But i think you've done just a great job with her, she's very personable!

  6. Love the doll and her outfit. Do you know what Bondaweb is? It has paper on one side and glue on the other - so you can iron it onto the fabric you want to use for the collar, then cut out the collar shape twice. Sandwich the jacket neckline between both collar pieces with the glue side inside and press with the iron. Hey presto! your neat little collar should be fixed to the jacket neck.
    email: betts458@btinternet.com if you need more info. J

  7. I look at her and I think she needs something funky for the collar, as you said she is creative. Maybe very skinny fake fur or something, that way you can cover up any imperfections in your sewing.
    I am just throwing that out. I just woke up so the creativity takes awhile to bloom LOL.
    Now I will be thinking of Genevieve all day, and I got my own creative projects to work on today LOL

  8. I have no clue because I'm not talented..but she needs a spunky collar!

    She's super cute though!

  9. Seriously cute! Maybe she needs a scarf or a colorful belt. I like the idea of a big flower in her hair!

  10. oh wow, she is amazing, how clever are you? I so love her clothes and think her jacket looks fab just as it is. You could always add a little bling to it.. Look in the jewellery craft section of wal-mart I am sure you will find something amazing to make her a necklace with! hugs Debx

  11. Look at you jumping in and making something wonderful! I think the suggestion of fake fur or a bit of boa or something fluffy would solve your collar dilemma and you could fabric glue it in place. A two layered denim collar of that size would be difficult. A scarf would also cover up the collar area, maybe with some fun funky yarn? Love your creativity!

  12. I like her collar the way it is. Kinda sets a new trend, huh? I like the idea of a chunky necklace, too. Or a flower pin on the jacket and in her hair.

    She is gorgeous and looks like she would be fun to hang around with!

  13. She is such a cool friend!! LUV HER!!

  14. I live her, she is really great! I like the idea of felt on the collar as well. Another option could be to use a thin bias tape to trim the color. Bias tape would be pretty easy to hand sew, I think.

    She is so much fun!

  15. I do appreciate seeing the "process" photos and she is going to be a good funky friend soooo make her some jewelry and makes jungles and smiles like you. :O) Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  16. I think she is sweet. I fold in the collar, press it, fold it out and down and press again. The stitch that pressed seam and that would make your collar. If you wanted it Elvis like, ( up and sassy) then place another small piece on top and stitch it on. It will make it stick up. Super sassy a feather boa or fringe.
    I hope this helps.

  17. She is great. Tuck in the collar and give her a thick furry scarf!

  18. She's wonderf-OMG, she has NAIL POLISH!!!! Are her toenails painted too under the pretty mj's?

  19. I do sew, a lot. But, how to describe how to do a collar? That's tricky to do in words...
    Okay, take the jacket and lay it down on paper so the neck part is flat. The fronts should flare away from each other when you do this. trace the neckline on the paper (make sure your shoulder seams are completely sewn up all the way to the neck first). Take away the jacket, and then draw in the outer edge of the collar as desired. (The important thing is to have the neck curve match.) Put the right side of the collar against the wrong side of the jacket when you sew the seam, and then when you turn the right side of the collar out, the neck seam will be hidden. sew the matching neck and inner edge of collar, and then clip in the seam allowance to let it lay flat. You don't have to do two layers, or turned under edges unless you don't like the look of the raw edges. I'm guessing that's not a problem since you've got that cute frayed edge already. in fact, fraying the outer edges of the collar would be cute, too.
    did that make any sense? email me if you need help?
    I like the idea of a necklace. I'm thinking ribbon choker, with a cute flower? or, how about a skinny silk scarf in a bright print? maybe with beaded fringe?
    love the mary janes!

  20. hey girl! I love Genevieve!! I cannot believe you made her all from scratch- wow!! I wish I could give you some tips on her collar but im an idiot when it comes to sewing, lol!! You did amazing putting her outfit together!
    I had a chance to check out your blog, I love it! Love your scrappy style, you are uber talented!
    I also came by to let you know that you won the giveaway on my blog!! Send me your address asap so I can get your prize out to you! :)

  21. I'd cut a collar sahpe from another fabric--cordorouy (sp?) or leopard print?--and then hot glue it in place. No sewing, no folding. I love her jacket!

  22. sorry, no collar suggestions, but I can tell you're having SO MUCH FUN! LOL, I don't sew either but you and I sure do get a lot done for a couple of non-sewers, huh?!

  23. She is great! I have no suggestions though. =D

  24. Your doll looks so fantastic. Wonderful work. Have a nice weekend. g. Alexandra

  25. She is completely and utterly fabulous!!!!! I totally love her outfit too!

    She's also evidently a little miss daredevil with the above the knee skirt...

  26. I never would have guessed that she's made from muslin. I think she's pretty perfect the way she is but maybe she could use a splash of color and some jewelry. Wonderful!

  27. Oh my goodness are you creative! What a GORGEOUS creation! I'm so glad that I have found your blog through blogland! :)
    Hugs~ Kim


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