Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?


1.opposite in nature or character; diametrically or mutually opposed: contrary to fact; contrary propositions.
2.opposite in direction or position: departures in contrary directions.
3.being the opposite one of two: I will make the contrary choice.
4.unfavorable or adverse.
5.perverse; stubbornly opposed or willful. 
Just in case you always wondered, but never had the guts to ask.  THAT, my friends, is what contrary means.  Pretty funny, if you ask me!  Just say'n!

So, have you been over to Design Dollies?  It's pretty much a wicked crazy cool challenge blog that puts out THREE challenges a week, so they keep you really busy!  HA!  They have great prizes and some wonderful designers!  Last week's elemental challenge was to create based on inspiration from Nursery Rhymes!  Well, it just so happens that I was INSTANTLY inspired by this challenge!  You see, I sculpted this doll head weeks ago and it has been just sitting on my desk due to a complete and utter lack of inspiration.  I didn't know who she was.  I knew it would come to me, but until then...I had to wait.  I HATE waiting!!!!  So I was overjoyed when I saw the challenge and the idea of Miss Mary jumped into my mind right away!  So exciting!!

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow?

And here she is!  Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary!  Complete with flower in hand!  She was SO much fun to make!  Her base is an Olive Oil bottle that I just couldn't bear to throw away.  

Mary, Mary Face

I sculpted her upper body and head from polymer clay and painted her with acrylics and watercolors.  She has what I lovingly refer to as the "Project Runway" haircut.  (If you watched this past season, you know what I'm talking about! HA!)  I love her simple, black hair!

Mary, Mary...

I created her 'gown' from a shirt cuff and strips of wide, heavy lace.  I used an eyelet ribbon and some velvet ribbon to accent.  She is wearing a string of pearls around her neck!  Quite lovely, indeed!  Just say'n!  ;-)

Mary, Mary back close

This is how she looks from the back.  I love the longer sculpted hair!  It's just so fun!  The vintage buttons that accent both the front and back are the perfect finishing touch!

Mary, Mary Side shot 2

I gotta say...this girls' got a bit of a booty going on back there!  HA!  

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Bottle Doll

I love her!  She is just wonderful!  Oh!  Her bottle is coated on the inside with glitter, too.  'Cause glitter is happy.  Just say'n!
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  1. Love her booty - it will keep her warm in the winter months ;)

    Great job Miss Jingle!!!!

  2. She looks like a fab antique doll that's been recently discovered - well done. Thanks for linking up to Craftastic Monday & I'd love for you to add the party button to your post or blog:)

  3. She looks so great! It was fun seeing her in stages and now seeing her finished.

  4. You KNOW how much I love seeing your dolls! She's FANTASTIC!!! Everything about her is perfect, right down to her sculpted hair! LOVE it!!!!

  5. It was fun to see how you go about making your dolls from beginning to end.
    Nice Job on Mary.

  6. She is absolutely fabulous Jingle! I love the blue!

  7. she's HOT, J! i, too, dig the hair (lego meets the '80s helmet head!), and she's got that confident air about her. i want to run around inside your head for a day when these little bits of inspiration hit you! OOOHHH, that would be fun!

    the Dollies are so glad you played along!! xo

  8. Terrific! She's so.. so contrary!!! LOL I love the hair too and the button on the back makes me happy. She is great.

  9. She may be contrary but she's super cute too! Love her hair and outfit!

  10. Pretty darned cute! Love the PR haircut, lol!

  11. I love her to pieces Jing... but honestly... my fav part is the flowers in her hair! What a stunning touch!!!!

  12. Project Runway-LOL. The cuff is such a cool idea! She's awesome!

  13. Fabulous! Totally Love it. I love handmade projects whether its crafts, food, and anything else!


  14. Ohhh Jingle...she turned out Jingletastic girl!!! I love her and am so going to the doll site as soon as we get moved and settled in.


  15. I think she is fabulous! I love her face:)

  16. I love this amazing happy little booty girl! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your dolly is wonderful! Hope you're still enjoying your Querido? Peace & blessings, Bridgette :)

  18. Thanks for linking up to Anything Related!!


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