Some fun Yard Sale Finds!!!

Well, it was an interesting weekend.  The Hubbums left on Thursday night for a quick trip out to Denver for his cousin's graduation which basically meant that I slept horribly for three nights!  HA!  Such is...such is.  BUT, it did give me a chance to hang out with my awesome Mom on Saturday morning!  We went out for breakfast and then hit some yard sales and our favorite mill (by mill, I mean antique store... many of the antique stores in the Blackstone Valley, actually, in New England in general, are housed in the old mills that drove the economy around here once upon the hundreds of years ago time....they are pretty crazy wicked cool, actually.  I'd love to live in one!). 

We found a few fun treasures along the way.  Including a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 in the most beautiful condition I have ever seen a Mustang in my life.  Seriously.  This was a gorgeous stinking car just sitting there in the middle of this little garage antique store.  I need to take The Hubbums back to see it, but I'm afraid that if I do that we will end up with a Mach 1.  HA! 

Here is what I DID find, though...


LOTS of fun goodies!  That Colorbox ink pad - yup...the gold one....set me back a whopping 25 cents!  It's a SEVEN DOLLAR ink pad that was still wrapped!!!  I was a little excited about that one! 


Yup.  It's what you think it is.  An old rusty sewing machine foot.  I know...I can hear you know...
"But, Jingle, I thought you didn't get along with the sewing machine?  Plus, that's all rusty and ick and stuff."

Ah, yes, my dear friends, however, have you ever known my mind to not be intrigued by the most curious of trinkets and such?  No.  No, you have not.  Why?  Because I like neat stuff.  I'm thinking this is going to very soon be a kind cool, little bit crazy art doll.  For reals.  I have a head ready for it and everything.  Just working through the rest of the design ideas and then I will get it all put together.  It's gonna be a cool one!!!


This is one of my favorite finds of the day!  It's an old postage scale in a GORGEOUS COLOR!!!!  Can you see those prices on there?  HA!  That's hilarious!  Just try to go to the post office and tell them that you would like to send a 1 lb. package for 40 cents!!!  Hee-hee!  It will fun to see them laugh you out of the building!  HA!


Yup!  BIG gorgeous white TASSELS!!!  Yes, doll action coming from these suckers, too!  FUN STUFF!


I also got two jars of super fabulous vintage buttons!  I dumped them out shortly after I got home just so I could play with them!  The mixed jar is a good basic mix and the black ones are AMAZING!  There are SO many awesome buttons in that jar!  I can't wait to use them for fun stuff!  I also got two pieces of fabulous fabric!  One in a petite floral and the other a  pale blue gingham that just makes me happy!  You can see some vintage lace in there, too.  Oh, and the FEATHERS!  LOL!  Yup, that's a bag of really pretty yellow and purple feathers with just a touch of green.  Are they synthetic?  NOPE!  The crazy lady having the yard sale can't throw away the feathers from her pet bird so she keeps them!  THEY ARE REAL!!!!  I know that's a little gross, but there is just something about REAL feathers that makes me happy.  I'm so going to use them!  At least I know they are clean because they came from a cared for pet bird rather than the sidewalk! HA! 

I'm not sure how much I spent, but I know it was probably around $10ish.  The buttons came from the mill so they were a little higher than yard sale prices, but since I love them and use them so much, I think it's worth it! 

We had tons of fun on a GORGEOUS Massachusetts Saturday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  What do you look for at yard sales when you go?  Do you have good antique stores or junque shops in your area?  Do you love them?


  1. I love Junque and antique shops.I always tell my daughters that I need to put on my "Treasure Eyes" before I go in. Treasure eyes are the eyes you use to see things in a new way, like your sewing foot for an art doll. I love trying to figure out ways that I can use things. Love your treasures Jingle:)

  2. Cannot wait to see what you are going to do with that sewing machine foot!

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see your upcoming dollies!

    Love the feathers!! LOL!!!! Really, I do!

    You should have come a little farther southwest. We had a yard sale, too. (I hate having them...but love going to them!)

  4. We had a scale like that when I was growing up:-)

  5. What cool treasures!!!! I love hunting for all kinds of amazing trinkets. At a recent flea market outing, I picked up two very old sheet music books, a Nightmare Before Christmas Party Pack (NEVER opened) for only $1, and some old silverware. I can never really sleep when my husband is away, either. He'll be going away twice this summer, so it's a bunch of sleepless nights for me! At least I have the doggies. Have a great week! Theresa

  6. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who sleeps terribly when the husband is out of town! Great finds this weekend, so fun! I inherited a big ol' stash of vintage buttons from my Grandma, they are awesome.

  7. Hey, even if the prices are a bit off *ehm* at least you have a functional scale for mailing stuff out! I've got a digital one but that one looks cooler.

  8. I miss those old mills!! I totally forgot about them!!! Thanks for the reminder!!!

    I always hunt for vintage hankys. I LOVE old handkerchiefs. I actually carry and use them (not when I have a cold... that would be gross) which my hubby finds super odd but cute! Little J is getting in the groove of it too!

  9. Fab finds! I love broken stuff & rusty bits best - they're always priced well & ready to be modded into something else

  10. I LOVE to antique shop. That is a ritual with me and my mom when we get together on visits! something about rummaging through things to find just ONE great find!!! LOVE it! love your findings!!

  11. The jars of buttons look like fun :)

  12. love your yard sale finds, we are addicted to yard sales, makes our saturday morning, have found everything from lamps, nightstands to shelves (like last week), do love to find little crafty bits and unusual old nik naks though!
    hugs Debx

  13. Don't ya just love Garage Sales? Great finds.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful day.

  15. I love your yard sale finds!

    I think Kryten and Oscar would happily donate their feathers to a friend, LOL.


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