I have a confession to make.... I suck at making Patriotic Cards.

No, really, people. I do. For some reason it's just REALLY hard for me to do that whole red, white, and blue color combo and adding things like stars and flags just makes it harder. I don't know why, really. I like those colors. At least, I thought I did! HA! Red is actually my favorite color of them all and I have a ton of red supplies. White is a basic, so I have a lot of that, too. But, I discovered last night (yup...I totally ran this one to the last possible minute) that I have VERY little navy patterned paper. And what I did find had frogs or M&M's on it. Hmmm.....HA! I thought I liked blue, but I guess I'm just not attracted to it in the store. Maybe it would just be better for me to live in Canada or China or somewhere that lets me use just red and white!!! HA!

WELL, all that rambling is to say that I was a bit concerned when Heather from Skipping Stones Designs sent me a PATRIOTIC stamp set to showcase this month!




SO, that meant I had to put it off to the very last second (okay...so time sort of played a part in that, too, but still) until I got some brilliant idea. Right? Right. At least...we are going to go with that theory for now.

Happy 4th of July Card

SO....there you have it, folks!

And guess what?!

Shhh....don't tell anyone, but I think I actually LIKE IT!!! I altered this week's sketch just a little by making it a round scalloped card (something else that I never do because I generally don't like doing round cards) instead of a rectangle and I think it worked out WONDERFULLY!

4th of July Detail 2

I used patriotic stamps from Skipping Stones Design to stamp the flag and the '4th of July' parts of the card. I stapled a wonderful heavy ribbon onto the bottom as the foundation for my design. I LOVE that part!!!

4th of July Sentiment detail

I stamped the bottom portion of the sentiment onto crepe paper to add some texture.

4th of July Detail

All Images were stamped with Close To My Heart ink and the red distress ink is Ranger (Tim Holtz Distress ink). The base is cut from the A Child's Year cartridge for the Cricut. I LOVE THAT!!!!

So, there you have it! A patriotic card, made by me, that I actually like. What do you think? I know....many of you don't live in this country, but you can still like a card, right?

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  1. Well it think it came out great too! I love what you did with the ribbon most of all! What a cool effect!

  2. You make the coolest cards! I really love how this one turned out!
    Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!

  3. I would say you pulled it off very well! I think the ribbon and staples look great on your card!

  4. This is cute, and I love how you did the ribbon!!!

  5. It's adorable! I love that you muted the colors - it looks great!

  6. love the ribbon detail...looks fab

  7. I like it! It's patriotic without slamming you in the face with it. It's subtle, nice!

  8. i love this!! any chance you will sell it to me?? my oldest is a 4th of july baby!! :)

  9. I love Fourth of July ALOT! The ribbon on this card makes it SO interesting...great job!

  10. I really like your card. Nicey done.
    I love red as well. My scrap/craft room walls are red with white trim. I guess its good that I live in Canada eh?
    But honestly I have never made a patriotic card.

  11. I don't think you can say *I suck at making Patriotic cards* any more! ;) Love this! Especially that ribbon treatment!

  12. Good idea, come and join us in Canada. Red and white is so much easier. I really like how you did the riboon.

  13. I love it! It came out really cute. :) You did a wonderful job. Theresa

  14. yep, well i agree that it's very likable, Missus! the ribbon treatment is WAY hot, and i'm diggin' the repeated scallops. i struggle with this combination, too, unless it's a lighter blue and doesn't SCREAM "GO, U.S.A.!"...

    well done, girlie. it's yummeh, despite the theme. LOL (i'm a Canuck, so i'm allowed!)

  15. You crack me up!! You certainly don't suck at any card... I love that ribbion too!!!

    Frankly I never considered a patriotic card... perhaps my family should start sending Flag Day cards instead of Christmas ones... now I just need a designer!! Hmmm who do I know????

  16. I must be drunk. When I first read your title I thought said: "I make suck at patriotic cards."

    I'm not sure what that means, but it doesn't sound pleasant.

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