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Wow! All I can say is that it is SO worth it to take the time to clean your space! Seriously, folks! Since I cleaned up on Wed. night I have created SO much stuff! I made another button tree just like the one I showed you yesterday for my Mom and then I made lots of other stuff that I needed to get done before Christmas! Seriously, I'm having a blast! PLUS...I am working and managing to get the time to do this stuff! It totally ROCKS! Anyway...enough of my pure ECSTATICNESS here, folks! Let's get on with the show!!!

First, I would like to show you this fabulous little recipe clip that I made as a gift for someone. I don't think she reads my blog, but just in case, I will not be telling you who things are for to protect the innocent...that would be me...yes I AM innocent...okay...all of you hush and just look at the pretties, now, K! LOL!

Good Eats Recipe Clip

Ummmm...yeah....I kinda LOVE IT! Look at those crazy eyes on that owl! Isn't he just fantastic! This would make me smile if I cooked! LOL!

Next...I made two journals using my one and only awesome Bind It All! Dude, seriously, though, folks...if you don't have one of these find a way to obtain one! It is the BEST tool! It is a blast to work with and I feel like I REALLY made something whenever I use it! Too much fun!

Natural Paper Page Journal

This one is covered with Chatterbox papers and the inside pages are all natural papers. They are really pretty! I love it!!!

Paper Bag Pages Journal

This one is covered with a shimmery Hambly print and the pages are all cut from a paper grocery bag! Yup! That would be me doing the whole upcycling thing, again! I love using trash to make cool stuff! It's wicked crazy fun! You should totally try it sometime!!!

Floral Christmas

And finally, I made four of these cards last night while listening to an AWESOME and much needed sermon (It's the one called "I've got you hanging around my neck." from Rob Bell. If you have never heard Rob speak, you should check out the stuff he has on that site! Life Changing! He is so good! And so REAL! Totally worth your time!

Well, I would say "that's all for today," but quite frankly that's like TONS for today, so I hope you like it all and I look forward to sharing more with you next week! I will be heading to Manchester tomorrow to do Christmas with my Mom's side of the family and then going to Mom's for a traditional Christmas Sunday lunch with the Pastor's family, and we are supposed to have the youth group Christmas party with the kids tonight, but if this storm gets in the way, we may have that on Sunday, so I guess we just have to wait and see! Have a great weekend!

Do you have holiday plans this weekend?
Have you made lots of crazy fun stuff this week?
Do you love what I made? (Yes...I'm totally fishing for compliments, but what can I say, they make me smile! LOL!)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Jingle, your work is fabulous. I completely agree with you about a clean space!
    i am listening to that preacher now!

  2. Jingle....job well done. Do you promise that if I clean my scrap space, that I can do stuff like you did?

    I LOVE the owl!!!!!

  3. It took me like, 20 minutes to read your post, because I couldn't stop laughing when I read the, "I'm innocent" part, ha! :) Just kidding!

    But seriously, your stuff rocks. I'm loving that owl!! :)

    P.S. Lemme know when you get some mail from me :)

  4. I really love all those things you made. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!! :)

  5. You are my favorite blogger Jingle, and I love love LOVE your projects! I'll head off to listen to that audio -- have never heard him before! Just updated my blog too, so go on and check it out.

  6. Rob Bell is pretty cool. We have been doing a video series of his in our SS class for the past 2 or 3 months now. I will have to listen to those podcasts though. I plan on baking cookies with my 4 year old most of the weekend. Have a great weekend!


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