Etsy Love! *Redux Designs*

Yeah, isn't that just the coolest name ever for a shop? I love it! ***Redux Designs***. It's just fabulous! And, due to the fact that I figured she meant it when she called her shop that and I'm all over the whole upcycling, recycling, reusing thing...I knew this was a shop that I had to check out!

Gladys put it so well in her shop announcement, so I'm just going to share that with you here:

"Redux - to remake or redo. Redux Designs - to remake clothes and accessories reusing fabric, jewelry, and anything else I can find, to create new pieces. A necklace may be remade into another necklace, or it may become a bracelet and earrings. Whatever it becomes, it will be unique! Also available, a selection of hand-crocheted items made by me."

Yup! She grabs whatever she can to make great new stuff! PLUS she crochets a few things, too!

Let me just SHOW you some of the things at Redux Designs that caught my eye...we are talking UBER CUTENESS her folks!!!!

First off...check out this way cute scarf!!! I love it and I want it! I love the colors and look at the great work she did! I always appreciate a crafter willing to show close ups!

Another awesome example of the greatness that is Redux Designs is this great little wristlet! How cute is this! She has some other great clutch and bag designs, too!

And then...there is all the adorable jewelry! OMC! As in..OH! MY! CUTENESS!!!
This little button brooch would look super fantastic on my black and white coat!!!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...Gladys has a great blog where she shares her secrets with tips and tutorials on making your own great redux goodies! How cool is THAT???!!! Love it! Go check it out now to see a great tutorial on how to make a way cute sweater purse!

So...go check out Redux Designs...come back and tell me what you found there that you love! OH! And keep your eyes open because Gladys has offered to sponsor a giveaway here on JustJingle after the new year!!!

***Remember...if you have a shop that you would like to see featured here or know of a great shop that deserves a feature let me know!***

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Oh Jennifer, your Jingle name does you justice. You are so bright and cheery and I love reading every word you blog!


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