Sesame Street on Crack and the Case of the Missing Pencil Sharpener

So, here is the story. My husband walks into my scrapbook room wielding two or three blunt, dull, and just overall pathetic pencils in his left hand.

"You have a pencil sharpener in here, don't you?" he asks inquisitively.

Obviously, the hope is that I do, indeed, have said small appliance, as he is in dire need of pencil sharpening. The thing is...while that may seem like a simple, easy response kind of question, you must bring in the "Jingle factor." Yes, that would be the factor that indicates that I have anything to do with the situation, therefore, it simply MUST be more difficult than it should be. The Jingle factor may even be present in your life, as my effect has proven to ripple from time to time. Anyway, I digress. The "Jingle factor" led to my answer to Sean's question.

{speaking rather quickly, as I do when I know the news isn't quite what one wants to hear, but I'm still sure a solution may be able to be reached} "The thing is I know I had one in here and I was looking for it not that long ago because you had mentioned that you needed one then and I never did find it but I'm almost positive it was in these shelves {mind you...both of us are looking around the room in various places for the pencil sharpener as fast chatter continues} but I can't find the darn thing anywhere and I totally put it there because it was easy to plug in and still have on the shelf but I must have moved it or maybe I put it in one of those brilliant places that I would 'remember' because I put it there have you checked on that table under that unsteady pile of who knows what? how about on the table over by the door? It has to be here because I know I own one and you can't just LOSE a big chunky electric pencil sharpener! Here, let me check behind these {pulling out 12x12 albums on the bottom shelf, which, had I thought about it, take up the whole shelf due to their size, but it was a random thought that I would have hid it behind there} WAIT!"

"There is a cord back here."

*****Insert break from really fast talking. Take a breath. Get to the Sesame Street on Crack part of the story.*****

So...realizing that the cord probably goes to the missing pencil sharpener, Sean begins to look at the shelf above the one with the albums since the cord is only so long and probably leads there. Enter this photograph:


As Sean looks, he considers that I would have probably hidden the hideous electric pencil sharpener behind something because it isn't at all inspiring...okay...so he probably didn't consider my reasoning at all, BUT IT ISN'T!!! Anyway, he picks up this bucket of foam stamps, which, by the way, IS inspiring. The stamps, being light weight foam, of course, begin to fall off everywhere leading to the following comment:

"This bucket is like Sesame Street on CRACK!"

Which quite simply led to him finding the pencil sharpener behind the bucket of letters and me laughing so hard I was no longer of any use.

Thus, Sesame Street on Crack and the Case of the Missing Pencil Sharpener - SOLVED!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Jingle, I love reading your blog! Seriously girl, you should be writing for some publication...you are too funny!
    ~Cemetery Artist~

  2. Hahaha!! That's great :) Jeff just told me yesterday that I can't ever give him a straight yes or no answer :D

  3. I am laughing so hard that I hope my computer does not shut off while I run go potty............I'm back!!!!! this is soooooooooooo funny. I was hunting for my pencil sharpener just the other day, but unfortunately mine is battery operated, so I had no cord to follow! The sory is too long to tell, but I think Elmo had it!

  4. LOL! That's how finding something in my stash would have been. I just knew you were gonna say the pencil sharpener was IN the bucket of stamps! That's where mine would have been! :)

  5. You are just way too cute! i know what you mean about just talking so fast, and it's so hard to get that to come across to people. They really don't understand the insanity in it! But glad you found the sharpener!

  6. thanks for your comment on our blog
    the wallpaper is coming on monday!

  7. You're cracking me up! And yes, I share that factor that makes us want to take everything to a super-complicated level! (btw, thanks for the pumpkin cupcake recipe ... I'll try them this weekend!)

  8. Oh man I thought stuff like that only happened to *ME* lol.

  9. You've really got a flair for words! Thanks for stopping by Momtrends to enter a few contests. Good luck and for your readers, here is a link to the latest (Lands' End Cashmere):


  10. You guys must be a hoot to hang with!


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