Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree...


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Here is our little tree. It's a four foot tree and I love that it is so little! It is a special little tree to us! I like to decorate it to look like a "department store" tree, and I usually add ribbon wrapped around it, but I did the beads this year and I think I will be back to my ribbon next year. It's just not as dramatic without it.

I also wanted to show you this very cute advent calendar that I won from Sharla over at My Little Gems
! Isn't it just adorable! I love it! The letters are vinyl on a metal cookie sheet! It is simple, but perfect! Really, I love this thing. The small wooden ornament is magnetic and is moved from day to day to count down the days until Christmas! She did an awesome job with it! Sharla has an etsy shop, but she is taking a break at the moment. I hope to share with you again about her other stuff when she gets up and running again! She really does wonderful work!



OH! And while I have your attention, I want to thank so many of you for visiting my blog yesterday and reading my fun little story! I do have a question, though, and I would LOVE to know the answer. I got a TON of traffic yesterday - quite a bit more than usual, however, I only got a few comments. Now, some of you may not have found the post funny or interesting and that is fine, but my questions is more to those who did....what keeps you from commenting. It makes me so happy to get comments and if you add your email address (which I don't see) I can reply to your comments and that makes me happy, too! So what is stopping you? Why is it that you don't want to let me know you were here? LOL! Thanks for the input. It's a mystery to me and I would love to know the answer!

Have a great Friday!


  1. Beautiful blog. Please email me and I will send you the elephant pattern from crafty stitcher.


  2. My only excuse is I'm new to the blog thing. I only occasionally pop in when someone says "hey, check this out". I did read your story yesterday and it is hilarious! And your Christmas tree is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I'll try to be more "vocal" when I visit blogs in the future. :) Oh, and I'm mrssmiddy from CKMB, although that isn't what my ID says here.

  3. I can't be involved in your question answering, because you know I comment all the time :D

  4. I read and am so impressed with all of your work. I don't really have a reason I don't comment. I'm a "lurker." At parties, I'm one of the people hanging out beside the food or close to the wall. I do want to be outgoing but I don't do it even though I apparently do in situations I'm comfortable in according to my hubby. I found you through CKMB months ago. :)

  5. I love that I'm not the only one with a child at home and has a small tree. Mine is even a prelit one! Im so not a decorater ahaa.

    Thank you for showing a picture of the advent calendar you won. I think that will be my weekend project with my daughter. We'll make one! :)

  6. Elegant tree : ) Thanks for sharing~*~

  7. I read way too many blogs to comment on each of them. My child would starve!! LOL!!! Just know that you are in my Google Reader and ... if you post it...I will read!!!

    ps-Congrats!!!!! :D

  8. I read your funny story and chuckled at the Sesame Street comment. Why didn't I comment? Nothing personal..I am at work, browsing in between actually working and sometimes I just don't want to take the time to type a comment. I'm sorry...will try to leave you a little love when I visit in the future when I can. BTW..your little tree is very elegant with the pearls! I like it! And congrats on the big TH win! So jealous! love his stuff! Have fun!

  9. Generally, I don't comment on blogs or elsewhere because I'll probably say something stupid or what's in my head doesn't sound right in print.

    BTW, are you ever going to answer the Christmas package questions over at CK so your SSC knows what you want?


  10. I usually leave comments, unless I'm reading from work.. cos then I'm not supposed to be online anyway.. and I don't want to get in trouble.. cos then I can't sneak on and read more blogs.. :)

    Love your story from yesterday.. had me literally laughing out loud!

    Your tree is beautiful.. we have a 4 1/2 foot prelit tree - usually up on a table to keep the dog from knocking it over..

  11. OMG OMG YOU WON ON TIM HOLTZ Blog! Or I think you did...your the ONLY JINGLE right??!

  12. i can't remember if i commented or not...your story was funny...i get alot of blog traffic & most of the time i only get 1-5 comments per post?...don't know why more don't comment...

    your tree is beautiful, all 4 feet of it!....i think we each have something like that that is really special to us!...

  13. Thanks for the plug and nice words- your tree is beautiful! Would you like to come over and put ours up?? We still don't have it up- and it doesn't quite feel like Christmas yet:) thanks again!

  14. No one comments on my blog either... funny the way we think, isn't it! I also love to read everyone's comments and want to know what they are thinking... maybe we can start a new trend, ya think? www.consumedbyallthingscreative.blogspot.com LOVED your Crack story!

  15. That is such a pretty tree. Sometimes I wish I could just do one like that instead of one that Chrismas threw up on. It just makes me calm looking at it... And that advent calednar is super cute. Lucky Duck :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I love finding new people to visit.

  16. I always comment when I visit!! I just haven't been here in a few days. Your tree is cute. Did you post it on the AMR Christmas tree thread? You should. Later tator.

  17. I love your projects above and your blog. In answer to your questions, I visit a LOT of blogs (mostly while I am work, sshh don't tell) not leaving a comment on each is just a matter of available time. I love to read and leave comments but sometimes there is just simply not enough time to do so.


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