Organic Cotton with a Dose of Fresh Sea Air

That's what comes to mind when I visit this shop on Etsy!
Milo In Maine has some great choices! I love this long sleeve t!

They have a collection of great tee's with fun graphics reminiscent of my childhood vacations spent on the beaches of Maine! I love that!

Need a wonderful comfy scarf? They've got that, too! And in wonderful colors!!!

Also, Milo In Maine carries cute tote bags, which would make the perfect eco-friendly gift wrap for one of their tee's!

Check out Milo In Maine! I think you will like what you see!

I love highlighting Etsy shops and Independent retailers! If you have a shop that you would like me to showcase let me know and we can chat!!! Or...if you know of a great shop and would like me to check it out let me know about that, too!!! I am working to add giveaways to this segment, as well, so if you know of a shop that may be willing to sponsor a giveaway drop me a line! Thanks for your help and thanks for reading!!!


  1. HI: I just saw your recipe for the Diet Coke Cupcakes on Chick N Scratch and I wondered. Do you make up the devils food cake with the normal ingredients listed on the box and add the coke or is it simply the cake mix and the coke together and that's it?



  2. Thanks for the links, the stuff there looks wonderful! Have a great December Christmas time! :)


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