8 Years, a Couple of Gifts, and a Cold

8 Years. Eight years, as of today, I have spent with the most wonderful man in the world! Happy Anniversary, Hubbums! I love you!!!

Home is where YOU are

I also wanted to share with you a couple of gifts that I made (at the last minute of course....for the most important people in my life! LOL!) for Christmas.

I created this canvas for Sean. It is a favorite quote of his.

like tears in the rain


This is the $3 frame that I scored at Home Goods (it had a print in it and I just switched it out with cuteness!) and then created this wall hanging for my parents. Mom was pretty much thrilled with it, so that's good.


Finally, this is a little faux moleskine that I created using Kraft cardstock for the cover and upcycled grocery bags for the pages. My camera obviously didn't care for this, as it refused to take a clear photo (trust me...I tried!), however, it is really cute because it has gnomes on it and gnomes are just awesome and stuff.

And....yes, I seem to have come down with this loveliness that everlone has been wandering around with. I had a shot of Dayquil with my breakfast, so I'm hoping that works. We are expecting 6-8 inches of snow today, so at least I will have a nice extra long time to "relax" in traffic during my 60 mile commute home! LOL! Actually, I think I will leave early today. It's New Year's Eve AND my anniversary, so I say I have an excuse!


  1. Beautiful creations...as usual! Hope you feel better, and Happy Anniversary. Wishing you and Sean a prosperous joy filled 2009!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Be careful traveling around tonight. Happy New Years!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a fantastic layout, too.

  4. Lovely gifts...I especially like the canvas. I'll have to remember that phrase. And a belated Happy Anniversary! Brenda


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