Yup! I did it! I have officially begun to "tweet," as they say. I have a whopping 3 people following me, and I'm not 100% sure how to get people to follow you, so any suggestions or charity case workers would be greatly appreciated! LOL! So...come follow me so I can follow you and stuff. Seriously...do we ever stop to think about the way this craziness sounds when we say it out loud? LOL!

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  1. I started with some "names" I know from the tech industry and then found some sb'ers that tweet (like s.julian, Aedwards, j.sprague) then added starbucks, a few local businesses. There's a link to 'search' at the bottom and you can use it to find via interest. Then i see who THEY are following. ;)

    I'm u2canb007 if you want to follow.


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