The Weather Outside is Frightful

No.  Seriously.  It really is.  I'm totally not even joking, here, folks!  It's INSANE!

And that doesn't even account for the windchill.

You SEE what I mean?  And that doesn't even include the wind chill factor.  Yeah...that brings us down to about 12 below zero.  For real.  Not joking.

It's so cold it HURTS!  Ugh!  Is it June yet?

Does it look like this in your neck of the woods?  Or are you in a nice warm and sunny happy place?  If you are - just be quiet about it, huh?  HA!  KIDDING....  well.... sort of.  Anyway...next year - CHRISTMAS IN MEXICO!!!!  You know....where when they talk about a 'white' Christmas they are referring to the beautiful white sanded BEACHES!!!!  That's what I'm talking about.  Christmas in Mexico.  *sigh*

Calendar block

On another note...I made a gift last night and I'm pretty excited about it, but I need your help!  I actually really like how it came out....the blocks have been just sitting and waiting for a burst of inspiration and it is AMAZING how well a deadline like - "You need to have a gift made for your Nana by Saturday morning." - can inspire.  LOL!  So, as The Hubbums sat at my computer, therefore my desk, playing all 25 levels of some weird online game where you are a toddler blowing things up....I grabbed my paper cutter, a stack of gorgeous Chatter Box papers and my zip dry and went to town!  The only thing is....now I need to do the names of the months and I"m not sure where I want to go with that.  At first I thought stickers, but I couldn't use all one kind and I don't know that I love that idea, anyway.  Then I thought of handwriting them, but that seems a bit sloppy as well as a potential recipe for disaster.  I'm strongly considering stamping them - I'm not sure if I want to use month stamps that will not be as long as the blocks, but will center nicely and be easier to stamp or if I want to use alpha stamps.

Wood Block Calendar

Anyway....I am totally open to ideas and suggestions, so throw 'em at me!  What would you do to finish off the month blocks?

Month block - empty


  1. Do you have a cricut or something like that? I would cut out the letters in paper and do it that way.

    If you don't have have one do you have enough thickers to do all of the letters in maybe 4 - 5 different fonts/colors that work with these blocks (greens, browns, whites, etc..). That could work too.

    If I think of anything else I'll come back!

    Chilly bear hugs!

  2. I'm not sure...but it is cold here too. I was just thinking about how Whitney is at Disney and probably wearing tshirts and shorts!

  3. 1. You can handle it! -- that is a NICE day here in Canada ;) Just think of what a tough cookie you are!

    2. Super great project!! Totally adorable!

    3. Recollections is a Michaels brand. It is taking over the whole store, at least where I am from (you were asking about my elf stamp).

    4. Have a great day :)

  4. No help with your cute blocks, and I'll follow your instructions and not tell you about our sunshine, blue skies and up-in-the-50's weather we're enjoying!

  5. I would go with stamps,
    Unless you have the actualy whole word stickers
    From Himommy

  6. I would say the month stamps. Very Cute!!!

  7. I was thinking of month stamps too.
    I also making those calendars... and for some I'm going to print the month in the cmputer and glue the to the block. then I;'ll finish them with mod podge

  8. I was thinking stamps myself...since I'm sure you have a selection ;) But as to the background...paper or paint, I would go with paint myself a peachy shade and then you can do the month letters stamped in different colors if you'd want ...good luck!

  9. How I wish I was there with you.. I want cold!!!

  10. ok, brrr....I'm cold just hearing about it

    the block idea is very cool

  11. Don't hate me because I'm warm! (Miami- high today was chilly at less than 75. :))
    What about rub-ons?

  12. I like the little blocks so far! I don't have any suggestions :)


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