The Spirit of Christmas Past {Vintage Thingies Thursday}

Today, for Vintage Thingies Thursday I am so excited to share with you some treasures of mine!  These are a few ornaments that my wonderful grandmother gave to me when The Hubbums and I got married.  I love them!  These are ornaments that hung on many trees before mine.  They are each unique and special.  Some are very old, while others are not quite as old.  She also included a few beautiful new ornaments with them (although those are now 9 year old, too!), but I have not included those ones here.  I hope you enjoy my little treasures!

Hand painted wood lamb ornament.

A violin that hung on my Nana's tree in honor of me.  (I played for years.)

A little angel with a little bell.  It's hard to see, but my name is engraved at the bottom and it has the year 1985 on it.  I was six.

I actually have three of these, but I only photographed the two.  I love these!  They are pure vintage fabulousness!  I would love to fill an entire tree with ornaments like this!

A simple little Christmas ball with wonderful little Jingle Bells!

This one was actually made by my Nana.  It is hand stitched!

LOVE this one!!!  It is so fabulously pink and vintage and wonderfully happy making!  Again - I'd love a whole tree of these beauties!!!

How could you NOT love this one?  She is so wonderful!  I just love the little painted parts and all of the fun glitter and tinsel stuck on her!

And last, but certainly not least... this is my favorite one of them all.  It's simple, but so fabulous!  You just can't find them like this anymore.  I really love this one.  LOVE IT!

Merry Christmas to All...
...and to all a good night!



  1. I just had a thought in reading your post --- Xmas ornaments like these are kinda like a charm bracelet. Parts of your life, interests, styles, are on the bracelet to make it uniquely yours. And your tree is like a mega charm bracelet.
    Oh, Ok ,I'll get more coffee. :-)

  2. Ha Ha!! We had the Jingle Bell one when I was a kid!! Have a VERY Merry Christmas:-)

  3. You have a nice assortment. I hated seeing trees that people decorated with round balls all the same color.

  4. very nice baubles.. pretty too!
    thanks for sharing.. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

  5. Merry Christmas to you too Miss Jingle!!! Beautiful ornaments - no wonder you treasure them!!!


  6. Merry Christmas!! We got Matt's sister some of those icicle ones, oh about 14 years ago... can't remember where we got them, but I think it was this little shop in Lynchburg, VA. Have a beautiful day!

  7. Wow, what a wonderful lot of vintage treasures! They're all lovely, but I especially love that cross-stitched angel. Your Nana was a very talented lady. Merry Christmas and Happy VTT!

  8. It is so difficult to pick my favourite here.. I guess I like them all.

    Thanks for sharing

    Merry Christmas!

    You Got a Posty
    My Bangkok Through My Eyes!

  9. Those are wonderful! Love the little lamb.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  10. I love all your sweet ornaments..specially the icicles. Happy VTT..have a most wonderful Christmas.

  11. Wanted to stop in & wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas.

    Wonderful ornaments!

  12. Great ornaments. And my son had the little engraved Angel. Someone gave it to him as a gift when he was born. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


  13. I love the ornaments especially the fun little bird. Never seen that.
    I'll have to ask my mom if she still has some icicles. They were my fave when I was little. Better than tinsel.

  14. Oh, what great ornaments. Merry Christmas!

  15. I love your vintage ornaments. My mom still has some of those pink ones, but hers are gold. I have a collection that I got from my Grandma. They are so precious to me.

  16. Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing!

  17. LOVE your vintage ornaments! Just my thing!


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