So how is your prep going?

Because mine has officially turned into last minute madness!  LOL!

I really thought I was going to avoid this.  I thought it was no big deal, I didn't have a lot to buy and I would have no problem getting things together.  Well, guess what, folks.  We have two weeks.  Less than two weeks, actually, until Christmas.  Our family Christmas party would be this coming Saturday (yup...as in like five days from now) and I still need to get at least three gifts for THAT together.  Ooops. 

The Hubbums 'big' gift is taken care of....not quite in my hands yet, mind you, but taken care of.  I think.  I hope.  BUT...I still need to do the little things for his stocking and such.  Ooops.

We will be going to my parents house on Christmas day....I still need to get a couple of things for that, too.  Ooops.

Well, I suppose it's a good thing that I am set for the office Christmas party on Wednesday.  Yup!  I HAVE my Yankee Swap gift ready to go.  Of course, that is TOTALLY a re-gift and I didn't have to go anywhere to buy is, so I don't think I actually get credit for that.

OH!  I also have two lovely swap packages that I need to have in the mail no later than Friday.  Still need to get a few things for those, too.  Ooops.

So, yes, I am now in the full-fledged holiday rush. 

Can I tell you a secret?

I sort of like it this way.  It's way fun!  I'm loving it!  Last minute is WAY better than prepared.  It just brings the whole Christmas spirit out full strength and makes me feel like a little kid again!!!!  LOVE IT!!!!

Just Say'n.


  1. I loves that cartoon!

    I have only shopped for the hubbums (shhhhhhhhhhhhhh). I do have an excuse though. Thou hast been sicketh. I am hoping to get going on that whole presents for the family thing this weekend. oops. ;)

  2. :) I'm the same way with being in a rush! I handle it better when it's like that then when I have lots of time lol. But this year I'm actually on top of things ! for now! give me a few days and I'm sure I will be behind! lol

  3. I'm more of a last minute person to for the same reasons you've mentioned. It's weird that this year I'm actually ahead of things, though there are still some odds and ends to pick up.

  4. The re-gift Yankee Swap gift is a great idea...
    Our family has a traditional yankee swap/ white elephant gift exchange.
    We have done an online version for the last 3-years. Called AlbinoPhant, it is on Facebook:

    happy holidays!


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