So...here's the thing...

I was SO planning on finishing up my shopping yesterday.

But the foot of snow sort of got in the way of that one.

SOooooo.....guess what that means???!!!  I'm not done yet! 

"But, Jingle, don't you have to work all week?"

Ummm.....yes.  You are correct in that one.  Regular hour Monday through Thursday of this week.

"So, what are you going to do?"

Ummmm...I don't know, exactly.  LOL!

I plan to pick one item up tonight on my way home.

I will have to probably do some shopping on Wed. night.  Thursday is out because we are going to my parents house.  Not sure if I can on Tuesday night.

Nothing quite like the last minute!  Gotta love it!

However, in the meantime, I'd like to know a bit about what your plans for this week are!  I love hearing how others celebrate!  Leave a comment today letting me know your shopping plans, your relaxing plans, your party plans, your Christmas day plans!  Tell me about it all!  I just KNOW it will bring lots of smiles!


  1. UGH, J - i hear you with the snow! it got in the way of SO MUCH this weekend, and i have lots left to do. good luck making it through the week and trying to get stuff sorted on wednesday!

    i'm heading up to canada on wednesday after work to spend christmas with my father - i haven't been up there since may! looks like we'll have to do some shopping christmas eve for the canada folks, but boxing day sales and such before we come home, as we'll do the gift exchange with my inlaws here on new year's day. i hope we can get some good deals! :)

    merry christmas, you crazy, busy girl! (you don't know me, but i read)

  2. Our week will be a little low key. I'm waiting on one package in the mail still. Everything else is wrapped and ready. Oops, make that two packages. I made some little Christmas albums of the girls yesterday for grandparents and I have to pick up some prints for a small 2009 album for them as well. I'll probaly try to bake some yumminess and we're going to our candlelight service on Christmas eve. Not sure yet if we're doing Christmas (the 4 of us) on Christmas eve or Christmas day morning as my parents are coming on the "day" I hope you can get your shopping finsihed!

  3. I hear ya!!! I plan to shop on my lunch hours today and Wed., as well as first thing Christmas Eve. Poor Nate, I'm gonna be dragging him all over the place Christmas Eve morning!

    Happy Holidays, btw, and so glad we "met" this year!!!!

  4. I actually have a pretty relaxing week ahead of me. Probably not what you wanted to hear, right? ;-) All of the presents are wrapped and under the tree. We have Mass on Christmas Eve and then to a friends house for dinner. We are spending Christmas Day at our house, just the four of us and then the day after traveling to Kansas City. I can't wait until Friday!!!

  5. I finally got my shopping done this past weekend.

    I am working today and tomorrow and then I'm off till Jan 4. I have LOADS of crafts planned. I can hardly wait since my Thanksgiving break was all messed up cause I was sick. SO I have a TON to catch up on!

    Merry Christmas Jingle!

  6. Ack! I'm so far behind if I get snowed in, only the kids get presents...no one else including the hubby!

    I guess that means I'd better do some serious shopping today!!

  7. Soo... I haven't even started yet. And I have a kid to shop for. YIKES! I've never procrastinated this bad. And we're supposed to get SLAMMED tonight with snow. Ugh.

  8. I went at 730 this morning before work to pick a few last minute things - and I have to go tomorrow too. Then I should hopefully be FINISHED!

  9. Good luck getting everything done. Since a big part of my holiday is already over, I plan on just cruising through what's left. I am also planning and looking forward to the new year:-)

  10. I have a gift to get for my DS. I have work for the next 2 days and they off for vacation. SO's bday is at the end of the week. I hope to get some scrapping in there somewhere.

  11. That is hysterical, can I copy it for my blog????? Love it!!

  12. LOL!

    I am getting everything wrapped and ready this week. I have ornaments in the oven right now...wish I were in bed though.

  13. it has been sprinkling light fluffy snow all day! i am not sure though that it will be stopping any time soon. I got your package!!! i am waiting to open it on christmas though....hope you don't mind. thanks!


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