Dear Santa....

I have been putting this off, but I suppose a couple of people out there might find it helpful.  You know....like my family and stuff.  As for the rest of you - well, I am hoping that this little list gives you a few fun ideas for your own list this year! 

Quickutz Epic 6 Letterpress Combo.  I can't help wanting it.  I don't want to want it, but I just can't help it.  LETTERPRESS, folks!  AND....it has a 6 inch platform, cuts, embosses, and does the letterpress gig.  *sigh*  It's pretty great.  You can find it at Amazon...and lots of other places, too.

Martha!  Martha!  Martha!  Why oh, WHY must you make such wonderful products?

I truly need this punch.  Really, I love almost all of her punches!  This one is high on the list, though.  This one and those wicked cool new ones at Michael's that have a stamp and punch combined!  Yup - NEED THOSE!  And any Martha Glitter, or flocking, or other sparkly stuff.  OH!  And Martha Glitter Glue...that would be good, too.  Punches, though....punches make me HAPPY!!!

Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg Collection.  Any of it.  All of it.  Whatever!  LOL!  I just love it!

I want to try needle felting SO badly and these would get me started RIGHT away!  How cute are THEY?!  You can find them here


Seeing as my own family (okay...just my Dad) seem to like to call me a KnitWit, it is only fitting that I should own one, right?  LOL!

And...I can't decide which of these I want, really....they are just TOO cool!!!

Both are toy cameras and both take WAY cool photos!  Seriously.  Love them.  Wicked crazy fun stuff.

I love Nestabilities! This is a good set, but I only have one set and that is the scalloped circles, so any would be great!

And...just a few fun little things....

You can get him at Amazon, but I think Target has them, too.  OH!  And Toys R Us has some, too.  Diego is my favorite.

Or, you know...the usual gift card happy places like Target, Urban Outfitters, Micheal's, TwoPeasInABucket.com, or my fabulous LSS, A Time For Memories.

Well, there you have it....things I like and could use.  I don't need all of this stuff, that is FOR SURE, but at least now my family has some things to choose from.

So....any of this stuff on YOUR list?


  1. fun post...a little obsessed with crafting? LOL...ME TOO!

  2. Wow that four lens camera is SUPER COOL! What a fun way to take pictures!

  3. I am obsessed with crafting stuff! I really want a cricut! there so much cheaper in the long run then a die cutting machine and all the temp lets! I love anything crafty so I pretty much just told everyone that I wanted anything to do with sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, stamping well crap pretty much anything from joann's lol ! I love your list! :)

  4. love posts like these :) i'm working on my dear santa as well!

    love the MS punch - that's on my wishlist...and the Cosmo Cricket collection - any of it all of it as well! ;o)

  5. Hello! Thanks for posting a comment, I'm glad you like my little monsters! I'm making an army full of them, so stay tuned even after the giveaway ends! PS your blog is super cute!

  6. I do love that punch and my daughter is crazy for owls. I just showed her the felt kit and she is begging for this now! :D

  7. You pegged about half my Santa wish list, but especially the Letterpress system. I keep walking by it and sighing in the stores. I've sent emails with links, added it to my wish list, but I think in the end, I might have to play Santa to myself.

    Fab list!

  8. Never heard of needle felting before but those owls are adorable! I think I need some Nestabilities on my list. Thanks!

  9. Let's see. I want that same punch, the entire line of cosmo cricket and of COURSE that letterpress thing (I JUST bought myself that nestabilities set so I can scratch that one off).

    If you get the letterpress thing you MUST tell me if it's cool or not! I can always gift it to myself in January right???

  10. Ok I have to add one more comment... I just did a mini book with that nutmeg line and I really love that paper! It's the best paper EVER! I'll post it soon!

  11. I love nestabilities too! I use them with my Sizzix. You?

    Those cameras are really neat looking. I'm off to google them now!

  12. You have a great wish list!! I love those cute little owls!!

  13. Ooh. Love the punch and the letterpress gizmo... so many possibilities!

  14. I have never heard of Needlefelting but it looks cool. I just want Spongebob Sorry lol

  15. My whole Santa list consists of all things crafting too!! I am really hoping to get some Nestabilities as I don't have any and I love how they look! Oh, and more Cuttlebug folders too! I could go... but this post is about you, not me ;)

    Hope you get many things from Santa this year ;)

  16. Jennifer - you are a hoot! I've been so busy I haven't even formulated a list yet! and you are right about that ding dang dern Martha and her wonderful stuff!!!

  17. these are some really fun things.thanks for coming to my bog, saying hello and entering the giveaway. good luck

  18. I think my list just got a little longer...


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