IKEA goodness and such...

First of all....Check THIS out!

My clean kitchen! 

THAT, my dear bloggy friends, is a clean kitchen.  A very clean kitchen.  I came home to that
AND two wonderfully clean bathrooms, and a perfectly vacuumed home last night.  I'm told the laundry room is perfectly clean, too, but as I'm  not sure where that is....HA!  Kidding.  No, but seriously - The Hubbums totally cleaned and it is so wonderful!

However....he did not clean my scrapbook studio.  I wonder why???  HA!!!  (Just to be clear I would NEVER expect him to do that, nor, do I think I would even WANT him to do that - the confusion would be overwhelming!  HA!)  So....here's the thing.  That is totally on my agenda for this week.  Why?  Not because it's a new year, not because it's just something that needs to be done, nope!  This is why:

New Expedit and Lack Tables Waiting for me.

This glorious IKEA goodness is just ready and waiting for me to get that room in order.  It will be going here:

Where the new shelf will go...

Yup.  One fabulous 2x4 Expedit (in black/brown, of course!) right under my window sill.  It will be perpendicular to the 5x5 one that sits on the other wall.  The three Lack tables will go in various corners of the room, replacing currently hideous other stuff.  I'm SOOOOO excited!!!!  But....I have to get the room to a workable state.  And then....since it IS the beginning of the year and I'm obviously reorganizing a bit anyway....I figure I'll go through all of my shelves and everything and make it all look pretty.  I figure I should be done around Christmas.  Just say'n.

The stuff that is sitting on the floor below the window sill will be incorporated into the cubbies in the shelf.  Guess what is going on TOP of that glorious shelf????

Yup!  This beautiful little bug!  So pretty!  So useful!  So MINE!!!!!!!  Heeeeeeee!!!!!!!

And I will put some other pretties up there, too.  And probably the sewing machine, too.  Since I need that at my fingertips and all!  Oh.....wait......HA!  Just say'n.

So, you can see that I have lots going on and it is all fun except for that minor detail that when one works full time, one is planning on helping a friend decorate for her wedding which happens to be on the first, one  is celebrating her own anniversary on Thursday, and one has just some other stuff that needs to be done.....time....hmmmmmm.....where does one find that again?  I didn't see it at IKEA.  Sad.  Mostly because it would be so affordable if it came from there.  HA!!!  Well...it WOULD!  Just say'n!!!  You know it's true!

I've decided I need a clone.  One that doesn't mind going to work while I'm off getting the good stuff done.  Anyone know where I can get one of those?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

OH!  There is one more thing....I need a sticker solution.  Seriously.

My Sticker Storage needs a Solution!

Yup.  That's my current sticker storage.  The thing of it is...finding a solution isn't easy.  This, while a bit insane, has worked better than any other method I've tried.  BUT, alas, as you can see - it needs some SERIOUS fine tuning!  Here's the deal.  I can't hide them - they MUST be visible.  That means no binders, no boxes, and no files.  I don't have a Clip It Up and I can't get one, so that's out.  I need an open, visible solution that doesn't take up a ton of space.  Any ideas from my genius readers?


  1. Here's my sticker solution... it really works for me. I use binder rings, and separate my stickers, like thickers, letter stickers, epoxy stickers, etc. each on a separate ring. These I open up and hook to my shelf, but if you can't do that, I've seen people put them in baskets. Then, when you need a certain kind you just grab that ring. They're out where you can see them so they're super handy that way.

  2. oh my,, you are too funny!

    i so LOVE Ikea. I have been once in my life and it is the coolest place ever. i would LOVE an expedit!

    I like Chrispea's idea of her sticker storage. Mine all reside in a rubbermaid container and it just doesn't work for me.

  3. Send half of them to me and the rest should fit neatly in the basket...lol.

    I can't offer any solutions...I am interested to see what others say...my sticker situation isn't much better.

  4. Just a quick thought...what about a clothesline type deal (like an inspiration wire) but you can clip all your stickers to it??? Then you can see them and they'll be easily accessible.

  5. I use a few different systems. (I'm pretty sure I have photos on my blog) I, like you, need to be able to see it to use it.

    I'm thinking you either need to purge or get more baskets.

    Once it's not too full you should be able to flip though to see what you need.

    My expedit holds some awesome baskets that I got from Michael's that fit my stickers great. I seperate them by stickers or rub ons.

    Good luck and your kitchen looks great!

  6. I use one of those plastic cubes that you can buy for the Expedit (Lak or something?) and put them in there by manufacturer - separated with some of the chipboard sheets that comes with packs of paper or from online ordering. Might have some mixed by theme, too.

  7. first of all, holy AITCH, merry christmas to YOU! some fabulous yummies you've shared with us, Jen! woot! that ikea stuff is going to make your world so much more lovely!

    second, suggestion for sticker storage... you want visible, right? what about a couple of cords/ropes hanging over the side of your desk, and pinning 'em all up with clothespins or binder clips? or one of those over-the-door shoe storage things, where you can put stuff in the clear pockets?

    can't wait to see your new scrap area when it's all set up!

  8. How exciting for you, Jingle! I love being able to see everything and my stickers are no exception. What finally worked for me was/is a make-up tray I found in the bath section at Target. It has one 16" long section and three smaller sections. It houses everything from full page sticker sets to tag books and bling. I love it. You can also check out The Container Store. If you don't have one in the area, they're online.

    Have fun!

  9. Purging is definitely part of the solution...the other is, I would organize them into workable themes, ie. letters, flowers, phrases etc. Then I put mine (in no themed order) onto shower curtain hooks. Now you could hang those froma rod of some sort , or using some pretty ribbon make a clothes line type thing, I will email you a pic. And I'm so jealous, do you know I've NEVER set foot inside an Ikea...yup thats right, you may have to bring me :)

  10. If you send them to me, you won't have a problem.

    I have a Cheryl's Cookie box (long and narrow) that I use for my stickers. They are all standing up in the box and I can easily see them and sort through them. I use the bottom and the lid and have double the storage.

    I also have a wider pamphlet display box that I use for the wider packs of stickers.

    Gina K. on Stamp TV showed a cute video about covering a kleenex box to use as storage. The top is completely open so you can see your stickers.

    If you want to see pictures, just let me know.

  11. Love all the Ikea stuff waiting to happen (that store gets me in sooo much trouble)!

    Like I said, let me know when you get those solutions, I'm a mess in that department.

  12. I saw something for sticker storage that blew my mind! You can get it all at Ikea evidently.

    Go here:

    Scroll down on that page until you see the grey towel rack with the round clip things. The one I saw was even better than this one (Ikea sells clips that are similar to the clip-it-up clips). The ones in this picture are kinda big and the ones from Ikea are much smaller and nicer looking.

    I think that would be perfect for your sticker storage!

    I got an expression for Christmas too!!!! Time to sell my baby bug. I bet I can only get $25 for it. :(

    New Years HUGS!

  13. I have a big plastic toy bin (not a basket) that's wide with low sides and then I put old-fashioned files in it (Halloween/Fall, Letters, Words, Christmas etc on the files).

    They stick up quite a bit so you can't really store it on a low shelf, but that means you can see them easily and thumb thru them easily.

  14. oh I love IKEA so very much - those lack tables are great! Wow...you have an impressive sticker collection, I have no good solutions though. :o)

  15. Oh one thing I totally miss about living in California is IKEA! I am in withdrawal.

    My sticker solution: a peg board with movable hooks, on the wall. Use the longer hooks to group like kinds of stickers together. (Like at the store.)

  16. what a wonderful surprise and early christmas present!!! you are too lucky!! sticker solution- get a bigger basket. Apparently they will only be making more stickers since they are packed so tightly together ;)

  17. I'm totally not a scrapbooker...but I am very jealous of your kitchen counter. It looks like it is filled with fun gadgets! :)


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