What could be Sexier than a Man in an Apron?

HA! Now THAT is surely a way to draw you in! LOL!

Julia over at the Apron Goddess is hosting a fun blog carnival that is ALL ABOUT THE APRONS! I just found out about it, but I have had these photos for a few days just WAITING for the PERFECT post opportunity and this is SO it! LOL!

So, a couple of weeks ago The Hubbums was making dinner, as he often does since I sort of suck at the whole cooking thing. Baking I can do...cooking, not so much! LOL! (Someday I will have to tell you about the 'spaghetti pie' incident! It wasn't pretty, I tell ya!) Sorry about that...on to my story. So, The Hubbums was making these really crazy yummy kabobs with steak strips, potatoes, corn and RANCH! (I know...awesome, huh?) But, the thing of it is...it was a slightly messy process. So...The Wifee had a BRILLIANT idea!

"Hubbums, if you want I can grab my apron for you." *giggle*giggle*


Wifee: Thinking to her self, "SERIOUSLY???? HE WILL ACTUALLY WEAR IT???!!!!"

So....I ran off to grab it and brought it to him and he put it on. HA! How cute is my Hubbums? Seriously? WAY TOTALLY CUTE! He's the bestest! LOL!

So, there stands The Hubbums donning an absolutely adorable Boojiboo Japanese Dolls Apron. HA! I love it!






LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!! LOL! They make me smile and remind me just how much fun this fabulous man of mine is!!!

Incidentally, as he was looking down at the Japanese Dolls, he decided that Boojiboo should make him a more masculine apron. He wants a Boojiboo Samurai Apron. LOL! Do you think they would do that for him? HA!!! How stinking cute would that be???

So, there you have it! My apron post! I know...it's not a sexy picture of me in an apron, but I think this is WAY better than that! LOL!!!

Oh! And...since I totally love my Boojiboo apron, I can't help but to toss in a plug for them! If you are an apron lover, you should totally check out their shop! I love them!!!!

For more fabulous apron posts check out the linky over at The Apron Goddess!!! Join in and let me know if you do! I'd love to see yours!!!

***Don't forget to check out the giveaways from earlier this week! I have THREE open right now! It's craziness!!!!***


  1. Great Post!!! How nice your Hubbums doesn't mind wearing an apron. I get my Hubs in one every once in awhile.

  2. Love men in aprons!! And can freely admit some small jealousy since my husband does not cook. Drat! And I think you're on to something with the samurai apron. That could be a great seller. All you'd need is your hubs in his new apron, and a big knife and you'd be in the photo business. ;)

    Thanks for playing today!!!!

  3. haha so cute!! stopping by from SITS! love you blog and look forward to reading more! I'll have to convince my man to wear an apron too!

  4. Nothing says 'real man' like a super cute apron!

    {peeking in from SITS}

  5. These pictures are wonderful, Jingle. I think a samurai apron would be just the thing for him.
    All the best,

  6. Gotta love a man who can cook! I have to say that I would love it if my hubby did more in the kitchen than pull out a bag of chips. Hubbbums looks so handsome in your apron. Boojiboo has some awesome aprons.

  7. Those are great shots!! I love men in aprons! Chefs are the hottest thing around:-)

  8. tooo adorable and barefeet too. woo hoo!

  9. That's great! I love your apron, so cute!

    Stopping by from SITS, Happy Thursday!

  10. Loving the Hubbums in the apron!!! too cute!!!

  11. What a great sport he is! I love that apron and the kabobs look awesome too!

  12. You Hubbums looks adorable in your apron. I don't even own an apron to try to get my hubby into :(

  13. Great pics! He looks quite comfortable in that apron ... which is quite cute. I think he's got a second career in him ... apron model LOL!

  14. My hubs wants an apron. A baker's one. He's always baking breads and cheesecakes... that's why I'm chubby!

  15. I love that you got your hubby in the kitchen. Maybe I need to start sucking at cooking and then he will have to cook so he doesn't starve to death.

    Oh wait...I think he would starve to death, lol.

    Cute photos!

  16. Any man that's in the kitchen is alright by me :)

    Stopping by from SITS to say 'hello'.

  17. I agree with hubbums, a samurai apron would be awesome. I wonder if I got my shnookums an apron if he would do the same as yours. I was just wondering....since those kabobs look so yummy and all.

  18. Stopping by from SITS to give a little blog ♥

    LOL I just want the food! LOL

  19. Wish I could get min in an apron, or even in the kitchen. Thanks for stopping by for my big day. It was so fun! Hope you make it back soon:)


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