Cola Wars - Our Upcycled Soda Can Wall

I don't know if you guys remember, but awhile back I posted a photo of the start of our 'Cola Wars' wall.

You see, we drink a lot of soda in our house. Too much, actually, but we will avoid that conversation. LOL!

But...of course, we can't be easy and both drink the same thing, now can we? Nope. No can do, my friends! I drink Diet Coke. I live on it, actually. The Hubbums drinks Pepsi. If I'm honest...he's not as bad as I am.

Well, this habit of ours leads to a LOT of cans in our house. A LOT. And, being The Wifee and The Hubbums, we can't just let those cans go to waste, now can we? No, sir-ee, BOB! Nope. We had to put them to good use.


....the Cola Wars wall.

Our very own upcycled installation piece! I'm pretty much in love with it.


Hee-hee. I love it. The Hubbums loves it. It's just totally more fun than a boring white wall!


The Hubbums used labels from 2 liter bottles to create the clock and the panel behind the clock.


I haven't actually counted to see if there is more of one than the other. I just know it looks cool! LOL!


And this bottle is just plain fun, even if it IS a Pepsi bottle! LOL!

I also wanted to share this fun picture of us at the fireworks, as I realized that I haven't posted much in the way of 'us' pics lately! We had fun!



  1. Thats awesome! How did you get them to stick together?

  2. Hmm, I haven't counted, but it kinda looks like there's more Diet Coke :) Lol, this is too cool :)

  3. Cute picture of the two of you.
    Awesome art you've created. Must be the first thing you see and has to start alot of conversations, especially for those who have never seen it before.


    (Pattie's passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  4. Wow! The wall is cute but you two are even cuter.

    We have a bottlecap wall.

  5. holey smack that's awesome! i love it! I would say dang that's a lot of soda but then I'd be a hyprocrite cause I drink just as much probably! anyway - awesome art wall!

  6. How cool is that!? I love it...maybe Mr.H and I could make one out of beer bottles lol

  7. What fun! I'm so glad you showed us!

  8. That is one totally cool wall! If you ever get tired of it you can just recycle it!

  9. That is pretty neat, and I'm pretty sure my brother could do that with his entire apartment with all the beer cans he has laying around his place...I'll pass along the idea!

    Just stopped by from sits, great blog!

  10. Wow, that is really neat! I especially love the clock. When we're done with our cans we just recycle them. You get 5 cents per can here!

  11. That is so cool!

    Now you need a pic of the two of you taking the Pepsi or Coke challenge - lol! Do they even still do that?


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