Saturday Evening Thoughts

10 Random things about my day today.

*It was in the mid-eighties today and a bit muggy, but I'm loving it anyway.

*We went out for breakfast this morning because we love going out for breakfast on the weekends. It was yummy.

*Took a nap today.

*I walked to AC Moore today and got a great package of American Crafts cardstock (My FAVORITE!!!) with a 50% off coupon and two packages of findings on sale for a jewelry project I was working on.

*I made a pair of earrings.

*I'm working on a new layout. It's not playing very nicely, but I'm sure we will get through it. If not I will threaten to dump liquid glue all over it. Paper doesn't like that at all!

*I talked to my in-laws earlier this evening. That was nice, since I don't get to do that often. My Mother in Law sent me Safeway plastic wrap because it is the best and we don't have Safeway here.

*My Cosmo Cricket Early Bird Crafting Kit came in the mail today! That made me smile big.

*The glasses from Liz Kartchner came today. I'm excited about that!

*I'm kind of hungry.

What did you do today?


  1. I love eating out for breakfast...especially if it is in the evenings.
    We don't have a safeway either.
    I didn't take a nap today but I did go see Harry Potter with my daughter and stepson.

  2. Oh, gosh your day sounds like fun...we went and moved my college daughter into an upstairs apartment, played interior decorator, played trash hauling person, you know all the fun things you get to do as parents...now we are bone tired!

  3. Safeway is a good store, we had those in CA.
    *My day was spent preparing my youngest for camp...He is gone now, My day today will be spent missing him..:(
    *I also, did a really cool layout yesterday, I will post it later on my blog ( please visit often )
    *And I got a package filled with Fiskars goodies from a really COOL friend!

  4. Sounds like my idea of a perfect Saturday!!!

  5. I baked 200 cupcakes on Saturday:-)


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