Let's Talk CHA for a bit, shall we?

I know... the scrapbooking blog world is probably overloaded with sneaks and peeks of all of the new product on the way, but I just can't help but to toss in a post with some of the lines I am most looking forward to getting my hands on!

I have to say, I am actually really excited about the releases this time around. Last time there were a few that I wanted from some favorite companies, but not a ton...this time around we are talking a whole different story! I am STOKED! Seriously...I am just giddy about some of this stuff! So, here are snippets of a few that I am most excited about:

Blue Skies by American Crafts: Holy CUTE!!! No, seriously, I love it all! The stamps are SO STINKING WONDERFUL!!! And if you haven't tried AC Flair embellishments yet, you totally should because they will make you happy. I promise.
Cosmo Cricket Boyfriend AND Earth Love DOUBLE DECK!!!!!! Do you people see what they have done here? They took TWO amazing lines, both of which I MUST HAVE and combined them in one package for my purchasing pleasure. Seriously. I think I am going to kiss them.

Jillibean Soup
Talk Soup collection Goodness! Can you see this Kraft fabulousness? No, seriously, though, folks. If you aren't happy yet you should see a doctor, 'cause my friends, this is some GOOD STUFF we're chatt'n about today!

Kaiser Krafts: This collection is just totally fun and cute! I wish the colors were a bit stronger, but I love it anyway! LOL!

Maya Road has SO many wonderful things coming out! these are ADORABLE and I totally can't wait to get some! I have no idea what I will do with them, but I will find something because anything this cute WILL be used! LOL! I really am in love with the new pins and trims, too!

My Little Shoebox has jumped right into a spot amongst my favorite companies! They really didn't even have to work for it! LOL! I love this new line, Little Ladies, releasing at CHA!

My Mind's Eye has some REALLY cute stuff coming! I don't know, again, how I will use dinosaurs, but I will find a way, dagnabbit! I WILL FIND A WAY!!!!! Hee-hee.....

Pink Paislee. Not much more needs to be said on this one. Amber Road is AMAZING and if you get a Christmas card from me this year, don't be shocked and/or amazed if it happens to be made with Mistletoe and Co. Just Say'n is all.

Okay....that's enough drooling for now. Go grab something to clean off your keyboard and return to your regularly scheduled activities! Thank you to all of these fabulous companies for sharing these sneaks with us and for developing such amazing products for me to spend my lack of money on!!!!

So....tell me....what are YOU most looking forward to from the sneaks you've seen so far! We will have ALL the news soon, so let's spill now before there is more to want! HA!!!


  1. love that Kaisercraft and the Maya Road. I haven't been looking at the sneaks. I'm supposed to be on a 'no buy'...got to be strong!

  2. I pretty much love EVERYTHING that I have seen so far, with exception of the Christmas stuff. I have such a hard time scrapping Christmas pictures so I usually don't go crazy over the holiday stuff. Everything else??? LOVE IT!

  3. Oooh, thanks for sharing all those goodies. I love them all, especially the last set.

  4. Oh I'm loving that Maya Road stuff, yummy! I've got to get back into my scrapbooks...I've been so slack lately and am soooo far behind. Thanks for all the upcoming goodies.

    Jamie :)

  5. wonderful things.. ohhh I need a money tree!

  6. Hey Jingle,

    Lots of sweet goodies your enabling us with... BTW....I can't remember if anyone told you that a Jingle won one of the GREEN TANGERINE KITS.. Is that you? (smile)


    (Pattie's passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  7. I seriously think we need to just take a trip to CHA. But we'd need lots of money so we can bribe retailers into giving us products...

  8. I can't wait for the JilliBean, Cosmo Cricket and Maya Road stuff. I am drooling!!!

  9. Yep, it's all pretty cute!! I'm partial to the Cosmo Cricket stuff!!

  10. we were on the same blog brain today! :) xo

  11. Ack, I can't afford to buy more supplies but these pix make me wish i could!

  12. Love love love the Cosmo cricket boyfriend and Earth love dbl deck very cute!!

    Trying to build my blog following would lovet he follow.
    Also have a webpage http://www.lovethedecor.com/
    Fun stuff

  13. WOw does that look like fun or what!! Awesome!


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