I found it! And I LOVE IT!

What did I find, you ask? I found ME! I found my style again! It was a little lost for a bit.
If you are a crafter, I am sure you know how that happens from time to time...you start to stray a bit and in time you lose track of who you are as a crafter.
If you have never experienced this, it pretty much sucks, so I pray you never do! However, if you have been crafting for a long time, I'm sure it is a familiar story.
And yes...this is what happened to me. I lost my way, I got sidetracked, and I just couldn't find me in some of what I was creating. (If you would like an example look at the 'USA' card I created a couple of weeks ago...it is SO not me!)


Yes, until now!

I'm back and I am back in full creative force! I am so excite! How did I find it? Well, it actually came from a bit of competitive spirit and a little push to do something I always say I will do and then never actually do.

I auditioned for a design team.
Not just any design team, though! I auditioned for the American Crafts design team.
This is significant because they have been a steadfast regular in my stash for a really really long time! It was a perfect fit! And, in jumping into their fabulous products I found me and my style all over again! I am creating the way I was made to create!
MAN this is fun!

Here is a peek at one of the layouts that I created for the submission!

Do you see that fabulous color? LOVE THAT! But .....

That color is given the solid base that it needs to rest my eyes and keep me happy.
And then there is the dimension. I do so love dimension! I popped up the white outer border and then just popped up as many of the components as I could! I wish you could see it in person! It's so dimensionally fun!

I used some way fun paper, too! Check out that fabulous alphabet paper! I had to buy it! I loved it too much to ignore it...but, as you know, I don't have kids, so I had to use it in a slightly less traditional manner. So, I used it on a page about learning with a photo from a day at the museum! (The Boston Science Museum, actually....if you've never been it is so amazingly wonderful! We go as often as we can because we love it so much!)

So here you have it.
This is me.
NO....not in the photo, you sillies!!!
In the style. In the layout. In the art.
I found me!!!
I am pretty darned happy about it, too!

I hope to share more with you this week! I'm just excited to be back!
Although, my scrapbook room sort of looks like the craft fairly came and threw up on it.
That darned swine flu has no bounds, I tell you! LOL!

Thus, I may have to take a few days to, oh, I don't know....clean up the hurricane. But I'm totally okay with that because I can't be stopped now!

Have a Happy Monday!!!


  1. I am glad that you got your crafting mojo back:-)

  2. Yay! so happy to read through this post. pushes me through those times when inspiration feels bleak. Glad your got your crafting mojo back as well!

  3. Hurray for YOU!! I too have strayed and while it was interesting it is always the best to get back to what one really loves!

  4. Im so happy to see you scrappin happily again. I understand what your saying I got my mojo I know when I dont feel well. I dont scrap as good. and well You know what all I have been through. I am doing better these days so my pages are starting to look more like my pages again. Still having trouble with straight lines roflmao.
    THis looks awesome! IM still not manu DT ready though. Im far from that yet. sigh.... damn MS!!

  5. Glad you found yourself again:)

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  6. Happy Monday to you!! I love your layout!! The bright colors with the black and whites are fantastic!!

  7. I can relate to this post on so many levels. It is always a terrible feeling when when you lose your artistic self but oh so freakin wonderful when you find that mojo again!!!

    Good luck on the design team!!! I love me some American Crafts!!!

  8. Awesome layout! I LOVE AC! I completely understand what you're saying about losing your creative self. I think everyone goes thru that from time to time. Glad you found your mojo!

  9. I too have lost my crafting way from time to time....I still have the layouts to prove it! The ones I vow to go back one day and re-do! LOL! :) I love your found "style"! Looks fantastic!

  10. I really admire people with talents especially with scrapbooking! One of these days I'll learn it. You rawk!

  11. So happy to hear that you have found YOU again. I am still searching for ME....


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