How Hard Can a Person REALLY Laugh???

I think that is the question that the writers of this musical were trying to answer! Oh, my goodness! I went to the Trinity Rep last night with my Mom and my sister to see Menopause The Musical. We laughed and laughed and then...when we caught our breath...we laughed some more. Four women, all with completely different backgrounds and totally different current lives, come together in one place where you can always find an abundance of middle aged women - Bloomingdales. They become quick friends as they instantly find that the common bond between them is that they are all CRAZY! Okay... so that might be from the perspective of someone who has yet to go through this stage of life of which these women speak.... LOL! But, in all seriousness, the musical was fantastic. The cast was wonderful and each actress filled her role so amazingly well. The songs, all re-written favorites from the 60's or so, are wonderful and hilarious all at the same time! Nothing but fun! Fredena Williams was amazing in the role of the Professional Woman. Her voice alone captures you, but her sassy tone and style illuminate the stage! Cherie Price, as the Soap Star, was adorable and brought spunk to an already fun role. Carolynne Warren was a riot playing the role of the Iowa Housewife! You could just see so many people that you know in her vibrant character! Barbara Pinolini, Earth Mother, reminded the audience of the generation from which (most of them) came and she did it with great fervor! Overall, they gave an amazing performance and kept the entire audience in stitches the entire show! It was a blast and a great way to spend a night with my Mom and my little sister, whom deserves all the credit because it was all her idea in the first place!

If you would love to see Menopause the Musical and you don't live in the Providence area, check to see if and when it is playing in your area here! If you are in the Providence area, Trinity Rep has many shows still open in both July and August so check it out!


  1. Wow...I'll have to check to see if this is playing in my area. Always up for a good laugh! SITS sent me by...Happy Thursday!!

  2. Oh I love musicals...but about Menopause LOL you are too funny!

  3. LOL that sounds like a fantastic play Wonder if it comes to Chicago I'll have to look my mom and I can use a night out

    Stopping by from the SITs

    Can u please help me out by leaving me a comment on my post

    Thanks so much

  4. I've seen it twice! Wonderful fun!

  5. I really want to see that musical!


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