Vintage Thingies Thursday 25 June 2009

Aren't these just fabulous? Vintage inks in all their brilliant colorful glory! I just love them! They were at a local flea market and I just had to grab a photo! They make me happy.

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What types of things just catch your eye and make you happy?


  1. Made me think of the ink bottles I had to use in grade school. I think I still have my old fountain pen.

  2. The ARE fabulous! For some reason anytime I'm in an antique shop, I'm drawn to old milk bottles and those glass bowls/candy dishes that look like hens sitting on a nest. I don't own either, but they always call to me ;)

  3. Beautiful colors here....love the ink bottles.
    Your post are always super fun and cute!!

    Happy VTT!

  4. Nice inks! What catches my eye at the moment are scarves, the quirkier the prints the better!

  5. Those ink bottles are cool, and I can see why you are drawn to them! Any vintage Christmas decorations, like the Shiny Brite ornaments, make me happy when I see them. And McCoy pottery. And roosters. That's the problem....too many things make me happy!!

  6. Fabulous indeed. Great composition.

  7. Oooo Ahhhhh, those inks are making me drool!

    Jamie :)

  8. The inks are just wonderful. Happy belated VTT...have a great weekend.


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