It's A Sin.

Dude. This video is just a wee bit creepy, but I love the Pet Shop Boys and the song serves as a great sound track for today's post, and while I could have just imbedded the song..this seemed like more fun. Okay. Moving on.

Sinful! I tell you!

There are just some random things I've noticed lately that are just plain WRONG and I decided to share them with you today on this fine Friday.

Let's start with these:


I realize the photo isn't great, but look closely. Do you even SEE what those are. If you read yesterdays post than you are aware that I love Sharpies. HOWEVER! These, my friends. Are sinful. They are, indeed, NOT Sharpies! But rather...some imposter! These were at the flea market and they were actually selling! Of course, when people think they are getting a pack of Sharpies for two bucks....Oh, for the shame of it all!

Sinful. No, seriously. Did you even SEE the season premiere? Holy cheese, Batman! Now, granted...I am a Buffy fan. I know Buffy was cheesy, but STILL! This was almost painful to watch! I mean really...sap, sap, and more SAP! Oh...and crazy hateful nutjobs. Who even WRITES this stuff? It's a sad day when the vampire lore has become a new HBO version of Dawson's Creek! Seriously, folks! Dawson's with vampires and southern accents. Oh...and nudity. 'Cause Dawson was network and couldn't do that whole 'real' nudity thing. It's a sad state of affairs, I tell you. A sad state of affairs.

This song:

1 2 3 4 - Plain White Ts

Seriously. This song makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth every single time I hear it. I know! Let's write a song that demonstrates JUST HOW desperate we are and then maybe girls will think we are the 'sensitive type!' This MUST have been what they were thinking! I don't know. All I know is that it is a horrible song that should never be played. Like...ever. Period. I thought Delilah was the worst song ever....until I heard this one. How sad is THAT?!

This one strays a bit...it's sinful, but in a good way! Dairy Queen is trying to kill me. That's the sinful part. They FINALLY added a peanut butter sauce (previously the only good one in the world came from Friendly's) and now I can have the wonderful sweet soft serve that is Dairy Queen ice cream WITH my absolute favorite combo of all time: Marshmallow sauce and Peanut Butter sauce. With Whipped cream. And a cherry. This is SO not a good thing.

And...the final item on my list of sinfulness....

Yup! The Old Navy Modelquins. OH MY CREEPINESS! For real, though...these things are down right frightening. Be afraid, my friends! Be very afraid!

So...there you have it. Really.

It's a Sin!

Have a great weekend everyone! Let me know in the comments what you think is Just a Sin!

*Disclaimer: This post is in no way intended to offend anyone. Just a fun little things that bug me post. If you like the Plain White t's, well, I feel sorry for you, but I don't hate you for it. Please don't hate me for not liking them.


  1. Oh why wasn't I following your blog already through Google reader?? Well I am now. Funny post! The fake sharpies are hilarious! Do they at least work OK?

    And those old navy ads CREEP ME OUT too! I can only imagine what kind of nightmares they are giving to my kids!

  2. I have to mute or fat forward every time the old navy commercials come on....eew.

  3. Ha, ha...I like this post. Specially the DQ treats...those should be against the law. :)

  4. I think the modelquins are creepy too! I love your sinful list! Makes me laugh and shiver all at the same time! WTG!!!

    But now I am craving DQ thanks a lot!!!

  5. Love me some pet shop boys. Agree totally on the video!! True Blood was way better last season. That scene with Bill and sookie at the front door him pooring his heart out because shes leaving. YUCK Vampires are suppose to be wicked not sappy!Stopping by from Sits

  6. Those are all a little creepy:-)

  7. I love your sinful list! Strangely though find those old navy supermodelquins entertaining!

  8. Creepiness all round! When I think creepy video though I think Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax! That was just weird and super creepy.

    True Blood did start off silly this season. I haven't read the books but I read that they are aimed at tweens. Not sure I'd want a tween-ager reading 'em if they are as full of s-e-x as the HBO series.

    It's midnight thirty and now I want some ice cream..............

  9. That song is so horrible...I don't know them, but imagine someone singing this to you. Romantic and sweet? No, I just could not stop laughing. Please guys, be -a little bit- serious and act normal! :-))


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