Out of the Box Sampler Box Review

No. Really. WOW!

For reals, folks. I don't know if you have heard of these fabulous sampler boxes yet, but I have to be honest. I was totally skeptical.

I mean, really. A bunch of people want to promote their shops so they send in 'tidbits' that they call 'samples' and attach business cards just to get their name out there. That's pretty much what I had in mind. I expected to like some of the 'tidbits,' but then not have much use for the rest of the contents. PEOPLE, I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG!

I had the opportunity to review a sampler box from Out of the Box Sampler, and can I just tell you...not only was I wrong in my assumption, but I think I may have stumbled upon one of the best sampler box companies out there!

First of all, communication was so easy! I love that! When a company makes it super easy to contact them for whatever reason you may have! That makes me happy!

BUT...that was just frosting on this big beautiful cupcake, let me tell you! The Out of the Box Sampler arrived today and I am SO STINKING EXCITED, folks! Like...jumping up and down kind of excited!

So....here is what arrived...

YUP!!! ISN'T THAT LIKE WICKED CRAZY EXCITING??? Okay...so maybe a simple white Priority Mail box isn't quite what you were expecting, but let me tell you WHY this sight alone got me excited. DO YOU SEE HOW BIG THAT IS??? And...it was heavy, too! Way heavier than a 'bunch of random tidbits' could possibly be! Thus, I was already impressed and I hadn't even opened the box yet. PLUS....shipping is included in the low, $22 dollar price of these Out of the Box Sampler Boxes. Yup. I really said that. Shipping is INCLUDED. And I'm guessing that mine didn't come in a special box. I'm guessing that they all come this way. That is value if you ask me!

Okay....so enough about the white box. Lets get onto the fun stuff that was INSIDE that incredible box!

One of the first things I discovered when I opened the box was WHY they call it OUT of the BOX! You see, they sent so much stuff that it didn't even all fit into their cute little stamped box! Wow! Happy Girl!

And thus the adventure began! I opened each little treasure and got more and more excited as I went along! It was so much fun! You totally don't know what is coming and it is all such wonderful goodness that you just can't help but to be like a kid in a candy store! (Or like me in a candy store, for that matter, but I suppose that's another post....)
Here are some photos of what came from the box as I continued. And let me tell you...for awhile, I was wondering if the box even HAD a bottom!

Do you EVEN see all that goodness? Oh, my wonderfulness! I can't even tell you how good my studio smell right now with all of this sitting right here beside me! Seriously, though, folks. It's pretty amazing. Wicked crazy yummy smelling!

Here is a list of what was included in the box and the shop it came from:
*A good sized bag of liver dog treats from Buckaroo Bones and Top Dog Bakery (same folks)
*A sheet and a half of way cute scrapbooking pattern cut outs from Heartstrings Scrapbook
*2 Beeswax Melting Cakes AND a sample sized Primitive Spice Soap (WAY COOL!) from Crowsnest Primitive Shoppe (Plus, I'm prone to love anyone who spells shoppe with two p's and an e. It's one of those 'makes me happy' kind of things.)
*A small bar of Lemon Lime Soap from Rose Valley Soaps
*A pretty Rain scented handmade soap from Tuxedo Enterprises
*A small sample of Organic Banana Orange Smoothie soap from SWC Creations Company (yup! BANANA ORANGE SMOOTHIE, folks!)
* An adorable little present shaped sample of Cucumber Melon Goats Milk Soap from Lux Spa (Have I ever mentioned that I ADORE cucumber melon scent???)
* A baggie stuffed with Harvest scented was crumbles, Summer Night tart, and a cute Butterscotch tart in a plastic cup all ready for a burner from M-D Candles
* An absolutely delicious sample of Prims Fixins Potpourri in the Blueberry Patch scent from Strawberry Fields Candles & Gifts! OMG! This smells AMAZING!
* A Smores scented Wax Tart from Ugly Duckling Designs. I wanted to eat it. Yeah, it's THAT good. I refrained. In the interest of digestion and such.
* A packet of Lilacs in Bloom Body Polish from Avendel that smells delightful and, while I haven't opened it yet, it feels like it is wonderfully smooth!
* A lovely packet of blackberry ivy fragrance beads from Karen's Country Candles.
* An absolutely lovely handmade birthday card from Michelle N Stamps.
* A 2 oz. candle in a tin from PurBliss in CUPCAKE scent!!!
* A good sized sample of True To Nature Cocoa Butter handcrafted natural soap.
* ANd.....holy CRAP, I am so out of breath right now....no, really....this is a lot of typing.... Finally, I also received a super fun little bag with two chocolate covered pretzel bites AND a chocolate covered marshmallow covered with graham crackers ON A STICK! For reals. It's the most wonderful thing I've ever seen. Smores. ON A STICK! Oh, HAPPY GIRL AM I! And that treasure came from RhodaRose!

WOW! How many things is that even? I don't even know. I'm too lazy to count, and it really doesn't matter because the point is that this box was AMAZING! It is worth it to go buy one! I think June's boxes are all sold out, but you should totally keep your eyes open and JUMP and I mean JUMP on July's box because it is fabulous!

I chose these three things as my favorites from the June box.
Okay, so I love to treat my pups, but actually, I think Thatcher picked this as HER favorite, seeing as she instantly showed up and started sniffing when I pulled this out of the box! LOL!

This candle SO made my top three! It is CUPCAKE scented!!!! Holy fabulous! Seriously, though. No. really. Plus, I'm a sucker for a candle in a subtle, yet cute tin or jar. I like the less traditional but totally not cutesy look!
And finally, I had to include this card in my top three. Let me tell you why. I don't buy handcrafted cards. Ever. Why? Because I MAKE them! I have sold them myself, so it always seems a bit counter productive, plus, I tend to be a bit hyper-critical when it comes to handmade cards. I want them to look better than they would if I made them! LOL! This one SO fits that bill. I will give this card with great pride because the craftsmanship is simply phenomenal! Something to be celebrated! I'm impressed.

So...now you want a box, right? Well GO! NOW! Check out Out of the Box! And...if you are an Etsy seller or have any sort of small online shop that you want to get out there and spread the word about THIS is the way to do it! Most of the shops also included a nice coupon with their sample, so pretty much as soon as I finish this post, I'm SO going shop hopping! I can't wait! And...after working with Michelle to set up this review, I can honestly say that if I ever get around to opening that Etsy shopo I always think about...I will be participating! This is so awesome! I just can't say enough good about it!

...Now...if you will excuse me...I have a marshmallow ON A STICK to consume while I do some shop hopping...which shop are YOU most excited to check out????


  1. Wow that is just chock full of stuff!!

  2. Thanks for such an awesome review! Our next boxes go on sale July 1st. Sign up for our free priority notification newsletter so you won't miss out!

  3. some serious SCORE there!!! love the cupcake stuff too

  4. I so badly have to have one of these now. NOW! :) You got some seriously fabulous stuff in that box!


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