Time Travel, Cupcakes, Tools, etc.

Those things all go together, right? Right.

Well, they do here on my blog and I make the rules around here and the rest of you just have to deal with them. Hmmmm....yeah.

Okay....so...watch this video. Get sucked in and then watch all of his other ones and don't get anything done today because he is AWESOME! No...for reals, folks. Thanks to Erika for pointing me in this black hole....I mean .... DIRECTION!


Okay...now onto the cupcakes!

Ummmm...can you say HAPPY MAIL DAY FOR ME????!!!!


A HUGE thank you to Zen Cupcake for this AWESOME and AMAZING cupcake package that arrived last weekend! Seriously, folks! I can't tell you how happy this made me! You are looking at a WAY cool pack of cupcake bandaids, four FABULOUS cupcake lip glosses in chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, and strawberry for all your cupcake lip smacking needs, AND an adorable pair of cupcake earrings. I love it all! I'm a dork. I'm aware. I'm okay with that.

I have also been playing a bit lately...no 'finished projects' to speak of because I just played! LOL! BUT....there will be finished projects soon....in the meantime....here's a fun sneak!



Hmmm....I {heart} shrink film!

I stamped this fabulous image, and did some fun coloring, too! Embossing and all!


And....Fiskars just sent me these fabulous tools for winning one of those survey contests that they do from time to time (yeah...do the survey...you could win!) and I am so excited to try them out! I just got them yesterday, so I haven't played with them yet, but I already love my finger knife, so I am guessing these will be great, too!


So...that is your weekly dose of insanse randomness. Although...I probably lost you after that video...oh, well. See you all tomorrow! (What randomness have you been up to lately?)

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