Some Days Are Like That....Even in Australia

Yes, folks. Today has been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Quite frankly. I don't like this day. I'd like a new one, please.

It started out with me getting up at my usual time, but I was insanely tired and it was hard to get up. That's not actually all that uncommon, but still...not the best start in the world. I get in the shower and attempt to get myself clean at 5:00 am. Yes, I say attempt...that part comes soon.

I get out of the shower and walk over to the sink to brush my teeth, grab q-tips, etc.


I stepped on a small piece of glass and cut my heel! NOT FUN!

Why was there glass on my bathroom floor? Because the maintenance guys were in our apartment (all of the apts. actually) putting in new, more efficient lighting in the bathrooms and hallways. Apparently, they broke a bulb in our bathroom because when I looked there were a few more pieces of glass on the floor sort of brushed together. In other words...someone had made some lame attempt to make it look like they cleaned up the mess, but left the danger there. I am SO grateful that the dogs didn't get cut! We weren't home, so if they had we wouldn't have been there to stop the bleeding and they often lie in that bathroom, so it isn't a far fetched idea! Anyway...I'm mostly over that now. Annoyed, but over it.

I DID, however, have to go get the Dyson out and vacuum my bathroom at aroun 5:45am, which I'm sure was JUST what my neighbors were hoping to hear at that hour on a Wednesday morning.

THEN....After doing a little dance across the apartment to the other bathroom where I have my Diego bandaids (yeah, at least I got to use a fun bandaid!) and then made my way BACK to do my hair in our master bathroom. So, my hair wasn't working...like...at all.

It was scary.

I looked kinda baldish.

Bad plan.

Still a bit sleepy, as I am not really a morning person, it slowly dawns on me what would cause my hair to feel the way it does....


Seriously. Who forgets to wash their hair in the shower? Yup! That would be me. Yes, I will pause for your laughter now.




Okay. That's enough of that. SOoooo....I'm starting get concerned about time here. I have to leave at 6:30 and this morning has been hell, so I figure I'm probably running late. Well, I got lucky on that one. It was somehow only 6:00. I still had half an hour and while trying to decide if I should bother with my hair or not I had already packed my lunch, so actually, I pretty much had plenty of time.


Into the 'other' bathroom to wash my hair using the great sprayer attachment thingy that we got to wash the dogs. (It's great for hair! I use it a lot, when Hubbums cuts my hair...anyway...back to my day.) So, wash, rinse, towel dry.

BACK to the master bathroom to do my hair AGAIN! Only this time it worked better because it wasn't all gunked with product and disgusting.

So that was my morning.

I left for work and got onto 495 to find that every cop in the entire state of MA had apparently decided to be on my route to work today. Yay. As if my 60 mile drive isn't long enough as it is.

I got to work okay and in a reasonable amount of time. I just didn't have fun doing it.

I logged on to my usual stuff and...

And I got some bad news...sad news. The kind that makes you cry. A friend lost her husband to illness far sooner than anyone should lose their best friend.

And I'm out of Diet Coke.

And it's raining...AGAIN!

My day didn't get any better. It just pretty much sucked.

Sorry, I know I'm usually all chipper and cheary and such, but you know sometimes you just gotta vent! You have no idea how much better I feel after typing all of this.

So, Alexander, my dear boy...yes...I understand!

Some days are just like that. Even in Australia!

(What about South Africa? That's where I want to move, so I'm hoping days aren't like that in South Africa. Just say'n.)

Jingle Out.

HA! It STILL makes me laugh to type that! Even after a Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! HA!


  1. Oh dear GOD; vacuuming at 545!! Thats a sin, totally against the rules! haha
    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Thank goodness that tomorrow can only be better!

  3. hope tomorrow is better...and while I'm sorry you had a bad day and got some bad news, your post made me laugh quite a bit!

  4. Yeah I hope tomorrow gets better. Hang in there, we all have those days.
    Sorry about your friends news.

  5. The best thing that can be said for days like these is that they are over!

  6. Ugh.. I'd sure the apartment owner for pain and suffering... and unnecessary housework :D


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