I Really Really Love Cosmo Cricket, but...

...the question is do they love me? LOL! So here is the deal, I made this fabulous mini. And yes, I do think it is fabulous, I actually sort of totally love it. I am really pleased with it.

I used a fabulous Cosmo Cricket blackboard album, super stupendous Cosmo Cricket patterned papers, and an absolutely fantastic Cosmo Cricket die cut along with a few other products.

This lead me to begin pondering. Hmmm...self...you really do love Cosmo Cricket stuff. Perhaps you should consider trying out for their design team. Hmmm...self....you get really sad when you don't make teams and the like. Hmmmm....self....you have no idea what to do, you should post this mini and ask your blog readers.

SO...after this lovely conversation with my self. Whom, by the way, I actually don't call self. I usually call her either Jingle or Wifee, but every now and then Jennifer comes out. It totally depends on the day. Yeahhhh....so anyway....

Here is the mini album. You have all seen much of my work (at least those who have followed for awhile) so, I'm thinking if I create a few more totally fabulous Cosmo Cricket laden masterpieces maybe I will do it. What do you think? Should I do it or should I avoid the heartache? It's so hard to decide!!!

Here is my album....




So, seriously. What are your thoughts. On both the album and the fact that I get so darned upset when I don't make it, but I still always want to try, so I am so amazingly torn on this topic. Right now...I feel like I can handle it if nothing comes of it...but that's right now....not at the point of rejection. What should I do?

P.S. I am de-stashing! Check the next post for more info!


  1. I think your album cover is beautiful! If you love Cosmo Cricket and would love to design for them... I say go for it! You have nothing to lose. You either gain a design team spot on a team you would love to design for or you gain experience in trying out and not making another team... which while it isn't fun, will only make you stronger and more determined to keep trying! Just remember not making a team doesn't mean they didn't like you or your work wasn't good enough. When hundreds try out for only a few spots TONS of really great scrappers who's work WAS indeed good enough won't get the call. Go for it!

  2. love the album!!!! GO FOR IT!!! You have nothing to lose. Go into it with the attitude that this is FUN and if you get it, great, if not, that is fine too. I have tried out for several teams and haven't made them, but I don't let it bring me down, you just can't let it get the best of you.

  3. great album! Love the embellies! Can't wait to see it completed!

  4. Great album.

    You never know unless you try so go for it. The worst that they can say is no & you shouldn't let that stop you.

  5. We never regret what we did ,its always the things we didn't do!! Can you live with that??
    By the way jingle, what took you so long to blog finally? I remember you were resistent.You were made for this!!

  6. The album is beautiful! Don't assume they won't pick you, you do great work!

  7. I love all your crafts but your album is very cute!

  8. "I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work."

    This is what Edison said when he was asked by a reporter how it felt "failing so many times" when he finally produced a light bulb that burned bright and did not burn itself out in minutes.

    Apparently he never gave up or I would be going to bed a lot earlier than I do.

    Jingle dear, you know you don't stink at this. Sometimes its just a matter of hitting it on the right day, the right time of the month, the right person, when the moon is in the 7th house....whatever.
    You just keep plugging away. Make variations of the product, different layouts, colors,wording.
    If you can submit more than one item then play around with it.
    This album is sweet,vintagy,and the words pop.
    And remember, sometimes a "no" is a blessing because it can send us down a different path that works out better in the end.
    I once wanted to work for a greenhouse that was close to my house, it was a small one that sold alot of neat gift type items and I knew a few of the people there rather well. I applied for a job and waited to hear from them. I just knew I would love the job.
    Finally she called and told me that they were putting a freeze on hiring. I was so upset. It was the perfect job for me darn it.
    A week later a friend told me about another greenhouse that I had to take 2 busses to get to. I did not want to do that but needed a job so I applied. I got it. I loved being there. It was a blast working with the people and the boss bought us lunch and hosted parties for us all the time. I was promoted to a head buyer and the pay was great.
    The other greenhouse went out of business a few months later and I heard the workers got stiffed on their last paychecks. Never be afraid of the word "no".

  9. it cut me off before I was done!!
    I was gonna say you never know unless you try lol. It is a good opportunity for them to look at your work also. For future work as well. :)

  10. my honest opinion? Go for it-you are very talented


  11. Hey Jingle,

    Go ahead, submit. That is an adorable ALBUM! Sorry about the flickr card bit. LOL Love the pearls. I think cosmo will love it too..


    (Pattie's passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  12. I think the album ROCKS! very cosmo cricket...I think it would be there loss if they didnt pick you...dont they know the infamous Jingle...Duh!
    I totally here ya on the rejection thing...I was so bummed when i didnt make the G45 one, but there will always be the next up and coming cool paper line to try for. Chin held high..repeat after me..I can do it, and if they don't take me I will still be the most scrappiest person this side of Massachusetts! :)

  13. it's so cute! you have talent! i have no clue what cosmo cricket is, but i think the album is adorable!

  14. It is so cute. I totally agree that you should go for it! You have a ton of talent I wish I had the patience for such things but I would destroy it before it even had a chance!

  15. If you love them, you should try out! On rejection: when I first started writing and going to writing seminars and all, the one thing that I was told that has stuck in my mind was that before you ever get that first book published, you'll be able to wall paper a room with rejection slips. So, whenever I get one, I just think, more wallpaper!

    Go for it.

  16. Ok, this album is adorable....I would have NEVER thought of not covering the whole page!!! And the pearls are awesome.

    At least you are trying if you do decide to. I have "submitted" a couple of things, only one is getting pub. in a digi mag...but I am happy about it.

    DT team competitions for opening are huge, so you just have to remember that and that you want to have FUN!!!!!!

    And above poster is right about "no" is sometimes a wonderful thing in disguise!!!!

    Good Luck and DO IT!

  17. Go for it!!! Your album looks amazing! I feel the same way you do. I finally got the courage to try out for a design team. I may not make it, but at least I will have no regrets! I tried, Right?? LOL Good luck!!!!!

  18. LittlePurpleRoom has some really great words of wisdom, you should read that post over and over!

    I say go for it! I think the album is fab - absolutely love how the string of pearls winds through everything!

    I am also a HUGE Cosmo Cricket fan, but am too chicken to try out - so try out for both of us!! And I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  19. Go For it!...Of course I tell you that but I never do. I am scared of rejection too, it stinks. Good Luck your album is great.


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