Not Very Bloggy

Sorry, folks. I haven't been very bloggy the last few days. Just super wicked crazy busy and I have a lot going on. So...since there isn't much to read here at the moment, I figured I'd point you to a few of my favorites! Check these out!

Jamie Waters - She does great work and her daughter is just too cute for words!

Templettes - Lots of fun links to create lots of fun things! Handmade gifts this year for ALL!!!

Simply Me Donna is never anything other than inspiring. Her work just makes me happy.

Rest And Be Thankful Anne Marie reminds me to do just that! Plus, her ideas are SO stinking cute and she is just an overall encouraging person. You will love her.

Paper Passion and Pixels Noelle does beautiful work and her photography makes me want to be like her! LOL! Plus...she is just buckets of fun!

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Yummy ideas and the nutritional info is always included and for others who may be on the WW Program the POINTS are usually listed, too!

Recycled Crafts Just GREAT ideas all over the place! I love it!

Well, enjoy your blog jaunt! Have a great day!


  1. You are a sweetie for linking me! You've been in my thoughts & prayers all day, hoping your spirits are somewhat lifted!


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