Just a Quick Shout Out....

I just wanted to let you know about a few blogs that I visit and stuff! These are not ALL of the blogs I visit, by any means...just a few that have really caught my eye this week!

Check out Harley's Blog, Koala Fuzz for a fun giveaway (don't forget to tell her I sent you over!), info on a great Halloween blog party, and....seriously, folks, look around a bit over there....she does some amazing craft work! Scrapbooking, yes, but OH SO MUCH more!!! Her Etsy shop is filled with tiny treasures, too! Actually, that reminds me...I wanted to ask Harley if she had an apron pattern for those who have never really sewn before! LOL! I need to make on for the holidays!

If you haven't checked out Templettes yet you totally should because it's pretty much awesome! Lots of digital stuff that you can print out for some great gifts and maybe a few things for you!

If you are a card maker you MUST check out these cards! They are simply amazing!

Check out Anne Marie's score at Target! And her album cover for the Ali project is awesome!

Pamela's blog is a favorite of mine! Always something interesting. Check out her fun anniversary giveaway!

Liz is offering a really great challenge with a prize over on her blog! Support your local stores scrappers! It's important!

I just recently discovered Scoutie Girl and MY OH MY am I in trouble! She finds the BEST stuff!!!

Monkey Giggles is just a down-right fun blog to visit! I love it!

Need some amazing inspiration? Check out Karla's Cottage! Seriously...we are talking amazing stuff, here, folks!

If you are in to cupcake porn...you MUST check this blog out! One of my favorites!

I could go on for days with food blogs, cupcake and cake decorating blogs, scrapbook blogs, inspiration blogs...well...you get the point....but for today...this gives you enough to browse! Have fun!!!!


  1. oh im loooovinnnn the cupcake blog!! Im a blog junkie so I have to check them all out you know rofl

  2. Thanks Jing! Are you wanting a full or half apron?

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I've been sick the entire week and just now well enough to check my email & blogposts. I'll have to go check out the blogs you mentioned! Oh, and b/c I was sick I missed whatever peachycheap finds you found! :(


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