Good Bye, My Dear and Faithful Friends

Well, I had to say goodbye to a pair of dear old friends. Yes, my Nine West basic black pumps were beyond wear. Their always comfortable, soft, perfect leather has worn out and cracked, the color has bled, and the overall shape has been distorted. Thus....we had to say goodbye. The good news is, however.....My wonderful husband just bought me new ones so I could snap a few shots and say goodbye knowing that I have a suitable replacement in the wings ready to go! I think I shall don them on the morrow! (Hee-hee...read that last sentence out loud...it's just fun to say! LOL!)

So...here you have a few photos of my former love.




OH! And, in other news.....

I'm getting this mop on the top of my head chopped tonight! I can't wait! I've waited WAY too long this time! LOL! It's crazy!



  1. Your husband is simply the dearest! Love your mop, however long, but you'll have to post pictures of your new cut so we can ooh and aah over it!

  2. I think you should keep your old, beloved 9 West Babies and Bling them up with Scrapbooking stuff as part of a fun Halloween costume.... go crazy on them with paint, Prima flowers, Glitterglue, Rub-ons.... whatever strikes your fancy or goes with a costume you have in mind. Oh, how about Ruby Slippers! (You'll probably need to get more red glitter for that project~I know I would... just an idea!

  3. I hate hate hate gewtting rid of my fav shoes that are past their better days!

  4. Love the picture of you... you're too stinking cute.

  5. JINGLE! What a great name. Jingle.

    Love, Shabby

  6. How sad! I get so attached to shoes, I buy very few and tend to overwear the best ones. I hate it when they are done for.


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