My Friend Will

This is the layout that I created for the Design Team over at Use Your Stash. I have also included a couple of close ups so you can see the details.

The photo is of my friend, Will, which is pretty obvious from the title! HA!

Also, I wanted to incorporate a quick, informal tutorial on how to distress your rub-ons to get the look I used on the Polka Dot rub-ons.

Before transferring your rub-on to your project flip the sheet over so that the rub-ons are facing up. With your transfer tool (I use the American Crafts rub-on tool that comes with their products) scratch parts of the image away. This will cause portions to come off the backing sheet completely, portions to look scratched, and other portions to flake away landing on other parts of the backing sheet.

Turn your rub-on sheet over and lay down on your project where you would like the image. Apply as you normally would. If you would like...you can apply less pressure in some areas to create wrinkles or cause more pieces to flake off.

This is a fun way to add texture and a personal touch to your image! Have fun!






  1. That is so cool! I love how you're able to pull off using flowers on a "guy LO," and it still looks masculine, you know? Really great!

  2. nicely done Jingle...remember when you didn't have a blog....lol...now look at you posting like crazy. Love and hugs.

  3. Great idea Jennnifer. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Great technique tutorial! I love the torn edges of your paper, too. Did you use a hole punch or a special punch?

  5. Great layout! I love the colors and the flowers!


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