You're Awesome And Such...

Happy Tuesday, folks!  Any day that starts with a pumpkin pie chai and a pumpkin bagel is bound to be a good one, so that's what I'm going with for today!  YAY!  I have a super fun card to share with you today using some awesome stamps designed by my friend, Nina Yang, for Avery Elle!

You're Awesome

My card uses both Nina's new Simply Tags: Christmas set and the Texture Tiles:  Be Cute set.  I actually made this one for the fabulous Cath because, well, she is just awesome.  As she is leaving Moxie Fab World, I have thought much about how much she has done for me and my creative world via that blog.  Cath gave me the push to become a better designer.  She made me feel like I could really do this thing.  She made me realize that I could be one of those girls who gets published and featured and designs for awesome companies.  All this came from a couple of little challenge wins over on the Moxie Fab World blog a few years ago.  It came from CATH pointing out that I, too, could be awesome.  And now, I look back at the opportunities I've had and it's pretty darned amazing.  So, Cath, thanks for being awesome.  You changed this girls' world.

You're Awesome (detail)

I LOVE these stamps!  I have a fun Christmas card I created with them along with some other Avery Elle stamps that I will share soon, AND there will be even MORE fun coming because I have the coordinating dies on the way as we speak!!!  YAY!!!!  I'm so excited!

Anyway, Have a Happy, folks!  You deserve it!


  1. Yay! LOVE that Cath! She is going to be SO missed!!! Awesome tribute card.

  2. This is fantastic Jennifer, yes Cath is awesome and so is this card.

  3. What a fun card, Jingle! I just love it!

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for the lovely comment you left on my final Moxie Fab World blog post. I had such an incredibly good time in the Moxie Fab World, and I'm *so glad* I got to know you there! Hugs and loves to you, my moxie fab friend! :)

  4. A great card and tribute to your mentor!!

    This is something we should tell at least one friend each day...they might just need to hear it!!


  5. Perfect card & perfectly said. Cath will be missed by SO many. Hugs Bev x

  6. AWESOME card for an awesome lady from an awesome card maker! Love how you used AE's stamps--wonderful card!

  7. Jingle! I'm so sorry I didn't realize that this card was made with me in mind. I haven't gotten that far down the Cards for Cath Mr. Linky list yet, and completely missed the paragraph about little ol' me when I was thanking you for the lovely comment you left on my final post.

    So let me add to my previous comment: I cannot begin to express how gratifying it is to know that something I created has influenced your creative life so much. And I chuckle a little to myself because, of course you--Jingle--are a deserving paper crafter! And of course you--Jingle--are an inspiration to us all! And of course you--Jingle--are one of the brightest lights in this craft of ours that there is or ever even was!

    But then again, I know what it's like to have someone give you a nudge, a little push, a little recognition to instill that magic bit of confidence that helps us realize what we have been all along. I am honored to have been that person for you, and I have taken great joy in watching your paper crafty skills evolve over time.

    And now it is time for me to thank you, Jingle, for the love and support you have always shown me and the Moxie Fab World. You are dear to me, and always will be.

    All my love,

  8. Super awesome card, Jingle! Love the star and the sentiment. It's truly amazing to see how you've grown as an artist since we first "met." I remember when you didn't make cards... And look at you now. :) LOL!

  9. Super card, Jen and a beautiful tribute to Cath!


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