We are Creative People {Giveaway}

Yeah, so, here's the deal.  I play with paper and glue and my sister pretends to be other people for a living.  Yup.  We are creative people.  It's just in our blood, what can I tell ya?

AND... right now, there is an awesome opportunity for you to help support the Arts and creative people.  My sister, Sarah Elizabeth, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise the funds for the Brandies 2014 MFA Actors Showcase.  They need to raise $2500 for this two-city showcase that will take place in Boston and New York City.  Without the funding, the event simply cannot take place.  Also...with the Kickstarter program, if they don't meet their full goal, they don't get ANY of the money, so EVERY.SINGLE.TINY.BIT.HELPS!  I can't even emphasize that enough!

Take a look at these awesome actors:

Yup.  My sister is the coolest one, I know.  HA!!!  No, but for reals, this group is so talented!  I've seen several of their shows and they are absolute professionals in the acting world.  You can read more about them on the Kickstarter information page.  This Kickstarter will allow them to get one step closer to their MFA and to their Equity cards, as well.  I don't often ask for money, but today I am doing just that!

AND... I have an extra incentive for you!  I am giving away a set of Hero Arts stamps/dies ($25 value) to one person who makes a donation of $10 or more!  Simply let me know in the comments that you made a donation to the Kickstarter and I will add your name to the hat!  If you make a donation AND spread the word via your Facebook timeline, you will get a second entry!  Just be sure to let me know you have done so and give me the link to your share post.

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to consider helping these students reach their goal!

Have a Happy!!!


  1. Good luck to your sister. It is wonderful to come from a creative family from different areas.


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