If Mike Teavee Would Be Happier than a Kid in a Chocolate Factory

If he saw THIS stamp set, that is!  Okay, maybe not.  But maybe.  You never really can tell with kids these days.  HA!  Now I  sound like I'm 85 years old.  Cool.  Anyway, moving on....   (Mike Teavee is a character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who loves tv's... if you didn't already know that, I am very sad for you.  For reals.  Go read it.  It's amazing.  Then watch both movies.  They are BOTH worth it.  Just sayin'.  The Gene Wilder version came first and it's magical and you will fall in love with Charlie SO MUCH in that one and the Johnny Depp one is actually more closely aligned with the book and has it's own version of magic, as well.)

Look at You Now!

Yup.  TVs.  Really cute ones!!!!  They are from one of the newest stamp sets from The Stamps of Life and I love them and I want to marry them.  No I don't.  Want to marry them, that is.  But I do love them.  Lots.  The set is called tv2stamp AND it is the Stamp of the month this month AND it has coordinating dies that you already have if you are a Die Hard Club member, but if not, that's cool, we love you and will make them available to purchase later this month!  Woot!  Woot!

TSOL You're a Star!

Here is another fun card I created with this awesome set!  It's full of glitter paper and a shaker.  Seriously, you guys... that's nuts.  But TOTALLY FUN, dudes.  For reals.  Totally.

And, of course, who can think of tv's without reminiscing about those black and white days?  (Yes, I realize LOTS of people can do that, but whatevs, it's my segue to the next card, so just go wit it, K?  K.  Thanks.  HA!)

B&W What's the News?

Seriously.  Totally fun stuff!  I just love it!!!  You can check out this set and lots more inspiration using it over on the The Stamps of Life page!  There is even a cute video for you to watch!  Woot!  Woot!

Have a Happy!  (And try to avoid falling down long, barely wide enough chutes of chocolate, K?  K.)


  1. These are great, Jingle! Your posts always bring a smile to my face. xo

  2. LOVE your post title! These are so fun, especially love that first one with the cascading TVS....I do like TV....

  3. You make the coolest CAS cards! WOW - I LOVE these!!!

  4. these are so great, love the aqua one best. And my fave has to be Veruca. Daddy, I want a squirrel! And I want an Oompa Loompa!

  5. How fun- love the rainbow colored card- and also just love the last one too! You are the Queen Bee of CAS!


  6. These rule!!! Love that movie too! Classic!!! :D :D The first one I mean! Not the newer one! :P


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