Happy Election Day!!!

So, this morning, a major world power asked my opinion on who should run the joint.  I figured I'd get right on that.  Just sayin'.

So, this morning a major world power asked my opinion on who should run the joint.  I made it a priority to get on that.  Just say'n

Yes, it is Election Day here in the United States and I am just plain giddy.  I don't know what it is, but I love it all!  The signs, the nice candidate who greeted me on my way into the polls asking for my vote (He totally go it...DUDE it was 29 degrees out there and he was totally hanging out!), the people volunteering, I just LOVE IT ALL!!!


So, today's post is short and simple.  Vote.  Do it!  And... just in case you are wondering if the color of my card is subliminally sending you party affiliation suggestions... don't be silly, folks...


There is nothing subliminal about it!  HAHAHAHA! LOL!  Sorry, I couldn't resist.  I'm really in a rather fabulous mood today.  I do so love Election Day!  Actually, I was inspired to pull out these fun stamps and show my blue pride by Taylor, so check out her fun card, too!

Stamps:  Vote and Proud to be an American:  Gourmet Rubber Stamps
Flair:  Bossy Joscie
Tape:  Martha Stewart
Gem Stones:  Queen & Company
Ink:  Tsukineko

ETA:  Created this today!  Feel free to pin and/or use on Facebook, Twitter, etc!  :)


  1. AWESOME card...you already voted...we just woke up...Voting later today...29 sounds good to me.. it is suppose to be in the high 80's today...icky..

  2. I'll get my sticker later today :). Great idea for a card!

  3. Fab card...not sure what the colours mean cuz I am not in America...but love the card and hope you inspire someone to get out and vote that may have been putting it off!!!

  4. Love your card!! :)
    Just finished up researching all the many candidates and am ready to vote :)

  5. What a fun card! Love that stamp set!! I'll be voting a little bit later on!

  6. In 100% agreement, it is important no matter the country we live in, if we have the right to vote then we must vote.
    I am certainly interested to see who ends up running "your joint" - finding it all so fascinating.

  7. Good Girl! I am just back from voting, and Everything I am wearing is a lovely shade of blue! (even the stuff you don't see! I take NO chances!!)
    Great card!

  8. super card! can't wait to vote after school today!!

  9. Terrific card and election day is exciting, especially waiting for the results. xx

  10. Love your voting card and the layers.

  11. I hope your vote is the winning one :)

  12. Love your enthusiasm!!!!
    Real happy it worked out :)

  13. I saw this card on FB and LOVE! The stamping off is fantastic--and the blue is perfect, too. ;) Love to see the Joscie flair.


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