Tombstone Time!

No, not the movie, although, I do love that movie! It's a good one! Just sayin'. Retro Cafe Art Gallery hosted a super fun Halloween Tombstone swap and was MORE than excited to participate!  We each created four tombstones and sent them in for swapping!  I haven't received the return swap yet, as the due date was only Saturday, but I wanted to share the four tombstones that I created with you today!  These were SO stinking much fun to create!

I started with the Masonite Gothic Tombstone ATC Bases.  I covered each one with a different embossing enamel from Stampendous!  I love how the backgrounds look covered with the embossing enamel!

White Owl ATC

For this White Owl Tombstone ATC I covered the background with Stardust Embossing Enamel.  I love how it glitters behind the white owl!  The owl is from the Owl Paper Cuts collection.  I also embossed cross from the Cross Cut Outs in Masonite with Aged Gold Embossing Enamel.  I added a few gem stones and a bit of May Arts Burlap string to finish it off.

Skull & Crossbones ATC

For this one I covered the background with a HEAVY coat of the Aged Black Embossing Enamel. I used the masonite skull and crossbones cut-out and the Spider Web cut-outs, both covered with the Aged Silver enamel.

Brown Owl Tombstone ATC

For this Brown Owl ATC I used the owl cut-outs, once again and combined it with a patchy layer of Aged Black Embossing Enamel. This allowed some masonite to show through and gave it a lot of texture.

Moth Tombstone ATC

And this is the last of the four. I used the Moth Paper Cuts for this one and the background is covered with Aged Gold Embossing Enamel. Again, I used a spotty application for this one to create more texture.

So...there are my four Halloween Tombstone ATC's. I kinda LOVE how they turned out. Just sayin'. LOL! I hope you enjoy them! I'd love to hear your comments! It seems when I share non-card projects you get quiet out there! *wink*wink*

Jingle Out!


  1. these are so very cool!! love the embossing!! great job

  2. I am nor familiar with this company, so thank you for sharing! The cut outs are so fantastic. I really like your different applicaions of enamel and love how manages to make these creepy and beautiful at once. So much texture!

  3. These are awesome, Jennifer! That white owl looks eerily real.

  4. Hi
    The embossing is brilliant. This is very cool.

  5. Pretty scary! I love halloween and all halloween decorating...you have me excited for the season now!

  6. Ok... so I cannot put into words how very cool these are! I am all over that embossing! SO FREAKIN GREAT!!!

  7. fabulous! love how you made the tombstones--the embossing makes them so realistic looking! Very cool girl!

  8. I love your non-card projects and Halloween tombstones are no exception--wicked!

  9. LOve those owls, they are beautiful!

  10. oh, these are fun. I like the one with the owl on it :)

  11. I've not seen that movie, but I should, eh? These tombstones are just awesome!

  12. So gorgeous...and that owl is fabulous!!!

  13. wowzers!!!!!! girl you rocked the tombstones!!!!

  14. These are fantastic, Jingle! I love the way you've used the Embossing Enamels to create that amazing aged tombstone feel...bet they are fantastic IRL!

  15. Very cool stuff! I love the texture of that enamel! I need to check that stuff out!

    Hope you're having a great week Jingle:)


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