You. Complete. Me.

So. It's pretty much just pop culture reference day here on Just Jingle. If you haven't seen my other post for today with my Pizza Party card, well, yeah...it sort of all started there. SO...here we are. With one of the sappiest lines in all of movie history titling my blog post. AND...not only that, but it's actually on the card. For reals. Why? Because it's SUPER CUTENESS ON THE CARD, THAT'S WHY!!!! (oh...shhhh...okay. sorry about that. I'll be vewwwy vewwwy quiet now. Just sayin'.)

Today I am back up on the Sweet n' Sassy Stamps blog as guest designer for the month! I am having a BALL with these fabulous stamps! For today's card I used the You & Me clear stamp set. *LOVE!*

You Complete Me

Umm...yeah. Awesomeness! Seriously, could these stamps BE any freaking cuter? Let me help you with that. No. No, they, indeed, could not. Pure and UTTER cuteness! For sure. Totally.

You complete me (detail)

They are so cute, in fact, that I went with a super CAS card design to really let them shine. And I love it. For reals. AND...even better, there are LOTS more pairs in this set for me to play with! We're talking PB&J, Salt & Pepper (As in the spices...not Salt & Peppa...while they are awesome, they are not included as images on this stamp set. Just say'n.), Coffee & Donuts, Peas & Carrots, and even Milk and Cookie goodness! YAY!

So...that's the cuteness for today!

Jingle Out!


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