He's Supposed to be a Grumpy Spider

***Pssst! This is my second post of the day! Don't forget to check out my gear card below!***

...but I just see ADORABLENESS!!! Just sayin'. It's time for another super fun Design Team Challenge over at Gourmet Rubber Stamps and we are all playing with ORANGE!!! I kinda seriously love orange, so I was kinda seriously super excited about this challenge. For reals, though. LOVE it!

Sooo...what does that have to do with adorable grumpy spiders? I'm getting there, I promise!

Cute Spider Halloween

THAT'S WHAT!!!! Isn't he the CUTEST??? I hate spiders. Completely and utterly hate them. Except for this one. I love him. He is too cute to hate. {HEART!!!} He is called Grumpy Spider and I also used the wonderful Happy Halloween sentiment stamp. These are new stamps that are available as singles and will also be a part of the awesome Diners set being released in just a few days! YAY!

Cute Spider Halloween (detail)

Seriously, though. Could he BE any cuter? I don't think so. *giggle*giggle* I just wuv him! HA! The patterned paper he is sitting on is from the Echo Park Chillingsworth Manor collection (awesomeness in a 6x6 paper pad...for reals) and the twine is from May Arts. See what I did there...I used twine as the piece of web that he is hanging from...see that.... AAAaaaah! I slay me with the cuteness. HAHAHAHA! Kidding... sort of. I mean, it is pretty cute. Just sayin'.

WELL....that's that. SO...if you want to see more orange fabulousness (and I mean SUPER FABULOUSNESS this time around folks) be sure to visit the Gourmet Rubber Stamps blog to check out what the other DT folks have created! They kinda went all creative nutsy and stuff so you won't want to miss these!

Jingle Out!


  1. Super cute! I have a friend who has actual night terrors about spiders! Lucky for me, I just find them annoying. They sure do make a fun card, though!

  2. Ok I have to agree that he is just too cute. Love the little orange bling and the twine too. And I might have to break down and buy this paper - I keep seeing awesome projects with it.

  3. Definitely fits into the adorable category for me too. Love it!

  4. He doesn't look grumpy to me. He is adorable...and so is your card!

  5. super cute spider:):) love the orange!!!

  6. Loving your funky spider card, am off now to check out the previous post. xx

  7. or maybe they are gems? Either way...love it!

  8. well grumpy spider looks adorable but totally agree that spiders are creepy...

  9. way too cute. Love the background paper

  10. Very adorable card, as usual TFS

  11. Yup... hes a cutie! for reals!
    I killed a spider on my front door only about an hour ago. the funny thing is I have little plastic spiders all around my house for halloween! the spider probably thought this was a good house to visit!
    oh dear!
    have a great week Jen!

  12. He sure is a cute spider, and what a great Halloween card!

  13. OOOH he is super cute! And that is saying a lot for spiders. I am NOT a fan either ;)

  14. Seriously such a cute card.
    I'm not afraid of spiders so he is super adorable.
    Great use of the twine.

  15. haha! I'm terrified of spiders too (except for those daddy-longlegs spiders) but this one is a cutie!


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