Donkeys and Elephants and Such

Have you ever wondered where in the WORLD the animal symbols for the United States political parties came from?  Well, here's a shocker for you, they came from a cartoonist.  Thomas Nast, to be precise.  It was a bit of an evolution, but, he was the first to use the elephant and the donkey to represent Republicans and Democrats, respectively.  To read more on that, you can check out this link.  It's pretty interesting, actually...if you are into that sort of thing.

Why am I talking about elephants and donkeys and such today?  Well....that would be because Gourmet Rubber Stamps has come out with a fun line of political stamps!  You can find them all in the Singles section in the store!  There are six of them, total - "Vote", "Proud to be an American", the donkey, the elephant, "Democrat", and "Republican".  And they are WAY FUN!  (If you don't live in the United States, I'm sorry...I don't think they have a Labor Party stamp.  LOL!)


Yes...I picked that one.  LOL!  But...like I said, they have them all, so you can get whichever ones suit your needs!  These would also be SUPER fun for mock elections at school if you are a teacher!!!  What a great way to make fun political buttons for a 'fake' election!  (Or for the real one, for that matter!  HA!)


I embossed the image with clear embossing enamel on a nice dark blue cardstock from Stampin' Up!  I love the way that turned out!  And it was actually an accident!  LOL!  I thought I had picked up the white and I had actually grabbed the clear!  LOVE when that happens!  HAHA!  The twine is from May Arts and the ribbon is just a bit I had in my stash.  PERFECT for this card!  LOVE!

Now, I don't want you all running away thinking I'm going to become a political blogger, I'm not.  I promise! ;)  It's all about cards here, folks!  Cards and other stuff I make at random.  Because that's what I do.  I make stuff.

Have a happy day!!!


  1. I love this! I am pretty political and volunteer for campaigns (though I don't share it publicly because it's just so, so divisive) so I'm always looking for new ways to help me document the elections and why they are so important to me. Off to check out these stamps! :)

  2. love these stamps- I do a lot of political work and these would be great!

    cute card

  3. No so political here, but cute card!

  4. wow great card...love that thick twine...looks awesome

  5. This is a great card! (Insert quip about choosing the correct party to celebrate in your sample HERE)

  6. You always have such great card ideas- awesome work!!


  7. Awesome card!! What a cool stamp set! :)

  8. love simple and you make simple look better than anyone I know:):) great card Jingle!!!

  9. Love the colors you used and the twine- I have to go read about the origin of the donkey and the elephant as symbols....

  10. These are neat stamps, for you Americans, teehee.
    Oh ya and we spell labor... labour, lol.


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